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••Dermaplaning•• What is your favorite service or product to pair with this amazing exfoliating service? > > > Follow @417skin for more > > > #estheticianconnection #skin #skintherapy #esthetics #exfoliation #spfisbff #estibesties #dermaplanepro #dermascope #skinstagram #esthetician #417skin


a face of a girl who is DONE with finals and treating herself to only one month of kindle unlimited so she can read her heart out 😋 (for those that don’t know, I have to hide my kindle during the semester bc once I start a book, I have to literally finish it within 1-3 days and can’t focus on anything else). If you’re still grinding to take those finals - you GOT THIS HONEY. @caudalie generously gifted me these 2 products that I am in love with 🥺 a post about ‘em soon to come.


It’s not exactly a #pinkwednesday post... but these are two products I’m currently LOVING! 👀 I have been applying the @sbaekbeauty Globe Trotter oil morning & night and I’m 100% regretting not getting the full size! 😻 I will keep you lil’ hunnies posted with my thoughts on this oil in the near future! 💫 Alsooooo, I’m also so glad I got to try out the @goodmolecules Silicon-Free Priming Moisturizer b/c it’s AMAZING and it’s now a staple in my skincare routine! I’m so picky with moisturizers and this one is TOP NOTCH! But, I’m not surprised b/c @goodmolecules is always killin’ it! 🤪 I’ll be posting a skincare routine update on my blog/website this weekend (hopefully) and you will definitely see these two featured! 💫 HAPPY HUMP DAY! 💖 (the moisturizer was #gifted but the opinion is 10000% mine!)


#AmorePacificgiftedme their Botanical Radiance Oil @amorepacific_us @nordstrom This oil contains 3 elements of the green tree plant as well as Spring flower seed oil sourced from Jeju Island. This oil feels amazing. I put this on after cleaning my face, and then moisturize. This oil literally smells like perfume ⠀⠀ Product link ⠀⠀ e #GETGLOWING #amorepacific #skincarecommunity #skincare #obsessedwithskincare #minimalskincare #igtopshelfie #365inskincare #skincare #healthyskin #glowingskin #skincareroutine #beautyflatlay #skinstagram #OctolyFamily #ipreview


🆆🅴🅳🅽🅴🆂🅳🅰︎🆈 ✨🆈🅴🅻🅻🅾︎🆆 ******************************************* Petite routine #doublemasking du soir avec cette nouveauté de chez @glamglow , #instamud 60-pore refining Treatment. Ma zone T, me donne du travail, je suis toujours entrain de chercher des soins pour réguler le sébum et les brillances😣 Celui-ci a la prétention d’y remédier 😜 ******************************************* 🐱 Nettoyage Savon Noir+ Miel 🐱 Instamud @glamglow 🐱 Raw Sauce @maycoop 🐱 Green Tangerine Vita C Mask @goodal 🐱 Phoenix Oil @herbivore 🐱 Ceramidin Cream @drjart . . #🇰🇷beautygang #skincarecommunity #skincareblogger #beautygram #healthyskinbynatia #blackskincareblogger #skincare #skincareaddiction #melaninblogger #365skincare #darkskinnlogger #loveyourskin #instagood #doublemaskingaddict #skinstagram #melaninqueen


Happy Wednesday Skincare Lovers! Hope the rest of your week is amazing! We’re are picking up a Christmas Tree tonight 🎄


Nourishing, softening AND award-winning. We're gifting a full size of our Omega+ Complex Serum with your order of $75+. Omega+ Complex Serum is like a superfood for your skin. Omega fatty acids strengthen skin’s surface with the essential nutrients needed for healthy, hydrated, visibly stronger skin. Have you tried it yet? . . . . #paulaschoice #skincarecommunity #skincarejourney #skincareroutine #crueltyfree #healthyskin #glowingskin #fragrancefree#skincaretips #skinstagram #skincaretips #crueltyfreebeauty #serum #omegas #hydration


Me: I will not respond to bullshit. I will not respond to bullshit. I will not respond to bullshit. Also me: take a picture of me semi naked to ensure I have all the drama possible. . Anyway. It’s come to light that people feel the need to be concerned about other people’s doings. It baffles me. Why are you so interested in something that you do not like?! 😭😂. Negativity breeds negativity. If you’ve watched my stories you’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t pretend to be anything - I genuinely don’t. I am me. My friends will tell you that. I am a no bullshit kinda guy who will tell you your fat for your own safety and well-being that’s just how it is. If you are so consumed about someone’s life on Instagram then you clearly don’t have a life of your own honey boo boo. . I am grateful that out of the millions of people on Instagram you decided to pick me and certain others. I’m honoured in fact. I must be doing something right. I wasn’t going to respond to your messages which have been showed to me but I feel I have to. To be called out for being fake by someone who called out @drunkelephant on their stories because you weren’t receiving PR then the next day you receive PR from said brand and miraculously your in love with them. I think the problem is with yourself my darling. Thank you to the people that stand by me and thank you to the people that don’t as your the ones getting me on TV. Love ya. Anyone for more Tea? 😉🙈. . . . . . #uklifestyleblogger #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #skincareblogger #skincarecommunity #skinstagram #skincarethread #skincare #positivequotes #manchester #manchesterblogger #lifelessons #blogger #bblogger #beautyblogger #maleblogger #maleskincare #menshealth #mensstyle


I just recently started using eye masks on a regular basis because of how dry my under-eye area has been. Very few eye masks that I’ve used have made a noticeable difference, but these @viicodebeauty O2M Oxygen Eye Masks have really blown me away. First off, these masks provide everything your eye skin needs to be healthy-all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides, and essential fatty acids. They claim to instantly refresh the skin, minimize visible signs of aging around the eyes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively, and instantly moisturize and smooth your delicate eye are. Foremost, I was intrigued that you can leave these masks on for up to 8 hours! You know I had to test them out overnight. The masks didn’t budge at all! The first thing I noticed was a cooling sensation upon application. The cooling effect is very satisfying and soothing and definitely gives the impression that the masks start working immediately. They stayed right in place. As soon as I woke up and removed the masks, the first thing I noticed was how “awake” my under-eye looked. I definitely noticed a brightness that I typically don’t see first thing in the morning. My under-eye area looked so soft and smooth, hydrated, and honestly just overall refreshed. I was really impressed when I applied my makeup and I didn’t have to use much concealer under my eyes and when I set my makeup the powder didn’t make me look dry at all, which unfortunately happens more often than not. I have been using these masks for a few weeks now, 2X a week, and I am 100% going to repurchase. They truly make such a noticeable difference and I feel so much more confident when I look in the mirror. I highly recommend! Thank you so much to Vllcode for sending these over!! #viicode #eyemasks #facialmasks #skincare #beauty #cosmetics #skincareroutine #beautyblog #skinstagram #slave2beauty #makeup #ilovemakeup #motd #beautytips #skincaretips #wakeupandmakeup #makeuptalk #makeuplife #photography #makeupparty #makeupinspo #skincarejunkie #contentcreator #makeupbyme #beautyaddict


✨✨✨ - The Black Friday sale inspired me to pick up something from @mejuri, and I’m so happy I did. The Star Necklace is beautiful, its chain nice and long! Cheap metals irritate my skin, so I was much overdue for spending a little more coin for better quality stuff. Love the simplicity of these pieces, too! . . . #mejuri #jewelry #starnecklace #necklace #goldvermeil


Reklame/Ad I've been so lucky to test and review this @jumiso_official - All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum ❤ . It's a serum I've been dying to try as I've seen so many positive reviews. 😍 . JUMISO vitamin serum is a non-water-based and high-concentration serum for brightening.☀️ . Ingredients: contains various vitamin complexes such as A, B, D, E, and K as well as vitamin C . Review: . 🔷️ I can say that I really enjoyed using this serum! 🔷️ Runny serum that absorbs well into the skin without any oily occlusive feeling 🔷️ It helped with lightening my acne scarring and reduced post acne inflammations. 🔷️ I love isn't leaves no oily and sticky feeling like other serums. . . 🍃 Usage: Use the serum after cleansing and toning and follow up by a moisturizer or mask.


Get any service in December and pick a coupon from the above list to use anytime in January! Even laser! #spa #spalife #esthetician #estheticianlife #selflove #beauty #coupons #bestdeals #love #skincare #skinstagram


So maybe my skin has changed recently, or maybe I have just been lacking self awareness about my skin for a years (probably it’s just my recent experimenting with chemical exfoliants), but my skin has been feeling dry?!⁣ ⁣ So to combat this, these are some of the products I’ve been reaching for to give my skin some extra hydration. The @cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve talked about it before, and tube has lasted me FOREVER so it’s HG status for me for sure. The @valjeanlabs Hydrate serum is a hyaluronic acid and it too has lasted me forever and is just an easy HA to have around. ⁣ ⁣ Here is the bad news, the @acurebeauty Blue Tansy Oil, a cult favorite that I was entirely #skinfluenced to get has been breaking me out! Because my skin is usually pretty oily, this hasn’t gotten a ton of use until now. I know it’s this product because the rest of my routine is products I’ve had experience with. That being said, a lot of people love this product and I am just not one of them 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ I do want to try more @acurebeauty products though because I like their branding and I know they have a lot of fans! Please drop some recommendations if you have have any favs ⬇️⬇️⬇️