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Baby it sure is cold outside! Last night we decorated our Christmas tree. We have these large first initial ornaments that my daughter put in a cluster on the tree so tightly together. The OCD in me panicked because they weren’t thoughtfully scattered throughout the tree and I immediately wanted to rearrange. So proud of what she had done my daughter said “this makes my heart happy”. You win baby girl, you win! ❤️ By the way our initials are S, T, and D - and I don’t even care because her heart and mine are happy! . . . #ourshoreview #simplechristmas #simplehomestyle #seasonaldecor #mycurrenthomeview #howyouhome #bhgholiday #crazy4christmasdecor #holidaydecor #everydayibt #homeinspo #christmasdecorations #smploves #casualchicholiday #finditstyleit #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #theeverygirlathome #howwedwell #currentdesignsituation #prettylittleinteriors #rsholiday #countryliving #countryhome


Anyone else really loving the green + pink color scheme? Our custom wedding suite looks so good styled by @sarahbradshawphoto on this @lindalestudios hand-painted styling mat! Katrina is offering a limited collection of mats that I added my calligraphy to available in the @lindalestudios online sure to check it out for yourselves or any photogs & planners on your gift list this year!


A tiny dusting of snow to make things feel even more Christmasy ❤️ #apclchristmas


Look up the definition of “California Christmas” and I’m pretty sure some version of this picture would show up. I’ve partnered with @thorindustries as a #thorpartner to show you our #windowtotheworld. We are ending our year in our trailer in California, and I can’t wait for the new year. Here’s to new adventures and new views out of these windows! What are you looking forward to in 2020? #toyhauler


Today on the blog I’m partnering with @BISSELLclean to share TWO 2-in-1 holiday hacks with you! The first is the CrossWave® Cordless Max. It’s an all-in-one tool that vacuums and washes your floors at the same time, saving time and energy for less stress mess! It’s also cordless so you don’t have to deal with the nuisance of cords. Love that! The second hack is my delicious Gingerbread Cookies which double as holiday décor. Use them as a tasty holiday treat or hang them around your home for a festive holiday touch. Head on over to the blog for details on both of these 2-in-1 holiday hacks. (Link in profile.) #ad #BISSELL #CrossWaveCordlessMax


Gangster wrapper😉 Some of my favorites this year!


That drape is dope. If you know, you know. 😉 If you don’t, I’m talking about my crunchy drapey seems this is the year of the drape and I’m here for it.


When I saw this gorgeous space by @boneill_athome and her Delany Pom Pillow it reminded me of this past restock! I was SO stressed about those rust Poms bc the launch date was pushed back past the Fall season. I worried the rust wasn’t the right way to go. Man oh man I worried! But our talented weavers had been carefully working on them for months! So we all kept moving forward, one little step after another. Now I see one, looking so beautiful w/ Brianne’s holiday decor and I’m reminded that things do work out even if not like you originally planned! 🌲 I’m learning to not underestimate the power of simple acts and moving forward with hope. ♡ Optimism isn’t something some people have and others don’t, it’s a muscle that gets stronger with use. Most importantly, conscious small efforts really do add up. I’ve seen it so many times! I think we’ve all had moments where this proved true! Give yourself a pat on the back today for all those little things you do, because I think you’re doing a really lovely job! 👏🏻


Beautiful Karina and her stunning dress ♡ As I look back on the year, there were so many lovely weddings and I feel very lucky to have been part to each one of them!


Happy hump day! I posted a big list of thoughtful gifts that have nothing to do with electronics or expensive products today on the blog. Love the idea of vouchers for fun activities or kind acts for the year ahead, so I made a sweet printable design for fun! Link in bio, of course.


Paper Placemats + Nutcrackers = Holiday Table Perfection ✨


Decided to go with a more traditional red tree this year, but I think my preference is last year’s pink tree. Which do you guys prefer? #ssbchristmas #liketkit #LTKholidayathome


obsessed with this #bts shot of the kids @rosie_crain snagged yesterday with @madebysett.


Reminiscing on the @nettabenshabu.official runway show held at #KinsleyJames 😍✨


You can’t go wrong with a strawberry charcuterie board for holiday entertaining! 🍓 Fill it with your favorite snacks, fresh strawberries, and greenery for a festive touch. Head to our stories/highlights for more strawberry holiday recipes!


Entryways are one of my favorite rooms to decorate. Since my house lacks a proper entry, I used the staircase as a space to create a warm welcome. 🎄✨ #laurendebellointeriors Photo: @rubyandpeachphoto


I have to say, her tree decorating skills have greatly improved. I have taught her well! Swipe to see last year 💕 #gailwrightathome #treedecorating


even though she won’t see this, i’m wishing the happiest 80th birthday to my nana. so many special memories created this year that i am so thankful for. truly blessed to have her in my life. looking forward to afternoon tea this weekend to celebrate ☕️