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Yesterday’s Eid fit 🥰 🇦🇫 i hope everyone had a blessed Ramadan and an amazing Eid with all your loved ones💫 #SoonTaz


I was so lost before you walked into my life. You will always be the light that shows me the way and leads me to the end of the tunnel. I love you so much 🥺 truly blessed to have you in my life Happy birthday baby❤️ #husbandandwife #soontaz #blessed


July 15... 2 years ago on this day I married the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate, my everything. You will always be my forever ❤️i love you baby😘 #SoonTaz #2 #anniversary


Looking at bae like 😏 @taz.sadat I’ve been getting so many bridal bookings/inquiries that it took me down memory lane🕊 Who else misses their wedding?!😭 #SOONTAZ


My makeup page is turning into a couples page😭 i just cant help it tho🙈❤️ will be getting back to my makeup grind soon guys! But for now... #SoonTaz time😘 #Makeupbysooni #afghan #afghanbride #wedding


Heyy guys! Iv been so MIA with wedding planning and iv been slackin with the posts.... BUT.... i promise you guys there will be TONS of posts from my wedding! Ugh i cant waitttttttt to share! 🙈 the countdown begins 8 MORE DAYS YOU GUYS! 👰🏻 #SOONTAZ ❤️ #SoonTaz2017