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@alvinoreiva latest post kinda remind me about that one night about 5 years ago when me and @rizkymandra was out and about for a lil sportster's night out...good times!! #karenasportsteradalahcandu #yati #betsy #xl883 #ironhead #sportsterforlife


Our first ever harley was a 1992 sportster at RM22,000.00 was affordable & she was such a do all bike, from chopper to bobber & finally a 1450cc lane splitter. It was the easiest bike to get any 'look' you desired & probably my favourite harley, nimble & fast with vibrations to remind you that you're alive! . @harley_my has got me a test ride on the new roadster, let's see how she goes on the twisties... Can't wait! . It's probably nostalgia or signs of getting old but i have a bad itch to get one, something older like a ironhead to thrash in the sands & lane split. Of course current Dyna for haulin' ass on longer rides 👊🏼✊🏼💨 . #QuadCamBastards #SportsterForLife #JiwaKustom #ArtOfSpeedMY #GirlsBike #Malaysia at Harley Davidson Kuala Lumpur