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Sunny days in my hometown!!! #mycity #bytheriver #sun #nofilter at Lárisa, Greece


ท้องฟ้ายามเช้า Moring sky at skylane #morning #skylane #bike #cycling #ridebikes #sky #sun #sunlight #sunrise at Sky Lane Suvarnabhumi Bicycle track


at Neukirchen, Hessen, Germany


at Moscow, Russia


at Santiago de cali


Happy Sunday🌞



🌅🌅on the wings of 🦅... always something new to try behind @suterwakepro2018 ‘s #mastercraft 🌅🌅 🎥 @everydaydadathlete at Punggol Marina Club


//If you don't love yourself, you won't recognize when someone else does. We're stuck in a time where we believe, that we won't be happy unless there is someone who loves us. I'm not saying that you're not loved. The thing is, we're trying so hard to get a person to love us, that we forget to love that one person who can truly make us happy. And that is none other than ourselves. We keep trying to change ourselves for someone else to like us. We keep trying to change ourselves so the society accepts us. So we, are not hated by others. We ask our friends if we look good in a photo before posting it. Why? So people don't judge you? So they like you? We take the things our haters say by heart. We start believing that we're not good enough. But how can you forget? Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you. Stop hating, start loving. Not only others, but yourself as well. //


Evening ride back to our hostel on the windy roads of northern Thailand summer 2016. at Chiang Mai, Thailand


at Piazza Unità D'italia