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The story behind my new wrap: Originally, I was planning on applying a livery over top my existing wrap using the same material I used for this. So the vinyl was already chosen. After many designs and mock-ups, I wasn't 100% set on any. I felt they were on a thin line of being nice or rice. So, I decided to do the two face/split theme. I've seen some others do it, but all those split it straight down the middle and commonly used camo wrap. To bring my vision alive and to make it my own, this was the result. Oracal black homeycomb and Arlon gloss chrome gold. These colors were chosen to match my hydrodip parts, coordinate with my team colors, and to go with my new wheels. I included the waza character because J's Racing, the company who makes the body kit and other parts I have, include it often alongside their logos and designs. The waza's meaning is fitting as well; craftsmanship, technique, prominent skill. And to not go straight down the middle with the split, I went with a ripped or tear effect. Voila!


It's been about a year and a half since @wildm3d2 @diazplusllc wrapped my car in Oracal Pearl Green color shift, over a weekend in his garage. Time flies and I still love this color. 😍 I strive to be different than the norm and use this as my canvas to express my creativeness and passion. And so, the time for change is once again upon us. Stay tuned... 😎


Glowshift Sunday! I finally got my @glowshift tinted gauges installed by @ptuning a few weeks ago. I can change the color on how I'm feeling lol or let them rotate through all the colors. Got oil pressure, boost, and a/f ratio wideband. #teamalteredstate #difffromthenorm #diazplus #wrapsva #crzen #crz #zf1 #hondacrz #yourneckokay  #ptuning #teampwjdm #blackandgold  #falllinehydro  #hydrodip #asiandragons #superchargedcrz #jacksonracing  #superchargedhybrid  #glowshift #glowshiftgauges #tintedgauges #ortizcustompods