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live footage of me walking through target today, taking pictures of all the holiday stuff. december fridays are my favorite fridays. will there be Christmas shopping? yes. will Christmas music be played? you betcha. will peppermint mochas be guzzled? abso-freaking-lately. will there be yelling of obscenities to an empty house because I will never understand why it’s so hard to cut wrapping paper? oh yes. MERRY CHRISTMAS I LOVE IT ALLLLLL 🎄🎄🎄


As promised, not one but two pictures of my sectional! Do the swipey...Oh, and this is Not Sponsored in any way! This couch is everything I wanted in a sectional. It’s cozy and it fits all four of us so comfortably. I know I should have bought vintage but I am so impatient. I couldn’t find anything on marketplace or thrifting that fit this space as well as this purchased sectional does. You win some and you lose some.🤷🏼‍♀️ For those wondering it’s from @wayfair and I would recommend it! (I’ve only had it a short time but I’ll keep you posted on wear and such) Also, it’s Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious?! I’m staying home today just in case....😆Have a fantabulous day!


Happy Friday y’all! For all you summer fanatics, let’s take a moment to imagine ourselves in this seascape by @seascapesandmore_mattie 🌴🥰 #reynaartdesign


GIFTED | Last week I was kindly invited to @curry_leaf_cafe in Brighton for lunch and there's now a review up on the blog (link in bio) ♥️ Spoiler alert, it was INCREDIBLE and I was looked after so well 😊😊 Have you ever been there before? ♥️✨♥️ . . . #curryleafcafe #brightoneats #lunchinbrighton #brightoncafe #brightonrestaurant #delicious_food #food4thought #foodaholic #foodblogeats #foodielover #foodietribe #foodislove #foodmatters #foodphotos #foodsharing #foodie_features #foodiefeature #thisishowihueit #colorventures #ihavethisthingwithcolour #colorcrush #colorhunters #thatcolorproject #dailydoseofcolor #hellocolor #justbehue #howihue #Brightonbloggers #themisfitbloggers #shinyhappybloggers


The advanced copies of my book (!!!) @existentialcourage just got delivered to my house and I find it so surreal that what used to be a bunch of Post-Its on my bedroom wall is now.... THIS. (Swipe right) 👉🏽 . Okay now please excuse me because I can't think straight as all these overwhelming feelings of joy and nerves and anxiety and pride and excitement are all coming up my esophagus and making me literally want to throw up. BRB 🤮 😂 . PS. Mad props to @3mphilippines post its, those are literally the same ones I stuck to my wall in January of this year. They still haven't fallen off! #notspon lol #ExistentialCourage


What’s good SF?! We sliding’ into the weekend like.... 😝 Also, can’t wait to look at wedding bands tomorrow!! Ahh!! 💍 @padisjewelry PC: @aaron_haxton


to infinity and beyond.💫


While I might be on a low carb Keto journey, it doesn’t mean I need to miss out on a good burger and fries. In fact, not only can I go to @jackinthebox and enjoy their Buttery Jack Combo and not feel like I’m cheating myself, I can also choose to enjoy it with or without the bun. Learning to eat better doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your favorite foods, it might just mean you have to enjoy them in moderation. With the holiday season upon us and the brand new @cocacolafreestyle_us Holiday Mixes, my Coca-Cola Zero Raspberry Magic was the perfect excuse to take a time out in the busyness of the Christmas shopping and enjoy a guilt-free meal. #jacksholidaymixes


We love what @omologyyoga have done to this space, we can already feel our stress melting away 🍃🍃🍃 . TOP TIP: If you want a room that accommodate many people but still wants to keep it ‘zen’, get a simple, no frills sofa that have flexible seatings that you can easily move around when needed ✨🙌🏻 . #JoyDesignStudio #JoyXDelivery


We will be here until this weekend at Wisma Atria L1 Atrium Singapore from 9.30am to 10.30pm. Come by and visit us! :)


Enjoying quite time with my little Mia and lounging in @marksandspencerph PJs. Nothing's more comfortable than comfortable loungewear + clean spaces (in this case, clean sofa and throw pillows) Thanks to @cleanx.cebu for making sure we have a baby-ready space! Swipe left to see what services we availed! Happy to know that we finally have an effective and affordable cleaning service here in Cebu-- perfect for when you can't do the "deep" cleaning yourselves because you don't have the equipment or simply just don't have the time! Message them to book a service! #cleanxcebu #ForEveryMommyPH


We're so excited, because this Thursday we'll be having a watercolor workshop with @sophietivonaillustration. This 2-hour workshop includes all materials, snacks, beverages, and a 20% discount off of everything in our shop! This is such a fun experience and perfect gift to give to someone for the holidays🎄Head to the link in our bio to sign up! #jennylemonsworkshop


I am so excited to present to you another collaboration for the holidays. I teamed up with my dearest @tutaetcoco to offer you a Promo code CAROLINARTS20 (20% off) so you can make a customized calendar with all the illustrations and art made by your little and not that little ones. I made mine and I looove it so much. As you can see I selected drawings from my three girls when they were little and the result is absolutely stunning! Every time I see it I go back in times and I remember my girls drawing in all the papers available at home. What a lovely idea right? As you probably noticed part of my kid’s art is also hanging in my living room as well 😉 Link in bio to start customizing a beautiful calendar for 2020 🎈 #mtlblogger #tutaetcoco #localbusiness