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4 Jar heads walk into a bar... no panties are dry. 😂 Congrats to my long time friend Nate Souza for having the nads to take care of other people when they're sick, hurting and most vulnerable. They say nurses have huge hearts - that must mean I've got a piece of coal in my chest, because I couldn't do it! Hadn't seen these three gents in nearly 10 years. It was like we hadn't missed a day. #brothersforlife #usmc #smediums #thelittleguyontheleft #sandiegsuperchargers #worsthangoverever


A #latergram from last week when I bought our Christmas tree. We will be out of town for Christmas so sadly, we have bought a fake tree. #thelittleguyontheleft #hislightschangetowhite #98days