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Cleaned up till I could clean up no more ... slash my hands have ZERO dexterity left... my frustration level is maxed out today... and still I did all o could do and I am proud for that. #aswarrior #forestcityspoonie #spoonie #spoonielife #ankylosingspondylitis #ankylosingspondylitisawareness #as #rheumatology #lupus #rheumatoidarthritis #chronicillness #chronicpain #ms #themighty #fibromyalgia #blackgirlmagic #invisibleillness #sicknotweak #mentalhealth #realaspain


So allowing people to help is always a big deal because our pride can get in the way of what is good for us but .. it always comes at a cost. To a healthy immune system this aftermath is totally acceptable .. but when you have #AS... you have to make sure everything is clean especially if we are on biologics.... this photo is the reason I am hella stress cleaning right now.. and that means I will have zero clean clothing tomorrow .... sorry imma be a stinker tomorrow ... #spoonie #spoonielife #ankylosingspondylitis #ankylosingspondylitisawareness #as #rheumatology #lupus #rheumatoidarthritis #chronicillness #chronicpain #ms #themighty #fibromyalgia #blackgirlmagic #invisibleillness #sicknotweak #mentalhealth #realaspain


Although stuttering might make you think of that nervous kid in the back of class, stuttering actually has little to do with nervousness at all. While people who don’t typically stutter might stutter when they’re nervous, for the more than 3 million people in the United States who have the communicative disorder, the precise cause of stuttering is not known. With a lot of myths working against them, people who stutter have a few things they’d like to clear up. The Mighty worked with the National Stuttering Association to find out what people who stutter want others to know. Here’s what they had to say: 1. “We are perfectly capable of speaking for ourselves and don’t need other people to finish our sentences for us.” — Austin Garcia 2. “Often the fear of stuttering is worse than the actual stutter. We fear that people will judge us and label us, so we try not to stutter. And what happens when we try not to stutter? We stutter more!” — Pamela Mertz 3. “There is no cure for stuttering, and there are ups and downs. If I’m fluent today, that does not mean I’m ‘cured.’” — Shelley Benhoff 4. “Never underestimate the abilities of a person who stutters…I’ve been told by many people that having me in their life has made them a better person because it forces them to slow down and listen.” — Tracy Fennell Sault 5. “I might not be able to say my name most of the time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do (and love) things that involve talking to/in front of people. I did drama and theater in school with no problem!” — Kirsten Orndoff 6. “People who stutter are quite a resilient bunch…What other choice do we have?” — Ian Mahler 7. “We are not slow… We are as smart as anyone else.” — Fianna Peppers 8. “Being a stutterer is like being trapped in an invisible prison… Stuttering is what happens when we speak, but it is not who we are.” — Fontonya Myrick #themighty #stutteringawareness #speechimpediment #disabilities #invisible #stammer #stuttering #yourvoiceMatters #shareyourstory #loveyourself #loveyourstutter #stutterFamily


2 hours in the car. She's spent. . . . #themighty #roxann #stclairshores #stclairshoresmi #bloomfieldhills


Shame. It’s either my middle name or the name of my arch nemisis because it follows me everywhere. Shame is tied to me constantly, in my academics, in my relationships, in my trauma, in my illness and wellness, in my professional life, even in my advocacy. Cognitive distortions are used to describe maladaptive and distorted thought processes and shame is attached to so many of the cognitive distortions I struggle with: minimization/maximization, personalization, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophizing, and more. If I don’t do as well as I hoped on an academic or work task, if I encounter conflict in my relationships, or if I come upon a road block or obstacle in my recovery or with my trauma, I spiral through a series of cognitive distortions. “I’m a failure. I’ll never overcome this. I am broken. I am damaged. I’m a disappointment.” and with those come the shame and guilt. But shame only has power in silence. When I choose to intentionally push back against these distortions by dragging my baggage out into the light, that shame grows smaller and less powerful. I choose to drag it with me to therapy, I’m honest about my insecurities in my relationships, and I try to be as open as possible about negative feelings I encounter when I struggle at work or school. I normalize failure because there is no growth without it. I can be in recovery and still have mental illness simultaneously. I can have setbacks and still be growing and learning and progressing. Shame makes me feel small, but hope, support, and love are stronger. I will not let shame make me feel small by living and fighting in silence. So here is me, being real, being messy, and being unashamed. My name is Lauren and I am a mental illness survivor. I choose not to feel like a failure for my mental health struggles because they are real, they matter, and they are not my fault. I am worthy of love, light, hope, support and belongingness. I refuse to accept shame for being human. x lauren


Georgia had such a great day in therapy today! . In OT, she learned to play & hold a new toy. Then in speech, she had to choose the right animal out of two pictures & she got it right 3 out of the 4 times! . Then she got to see Santa! She was pretty intrigued by him. 💙 . . . As always feel free to like, comment, and share. . #trisomy18 #edwardssyndrome #compatiblewithlife #redefiningmonosomy18 #lifeisbetterwithyou #specialneeds #differentnotless #fiercegeorgiaonmymind #chd #littlebutfierce #hypotonia #asl #soft #trisomyawareness #brandrep #changingthefaceofbeauty #chdawareness #iugr #advocatelikeamother #themighty #morethan10percent #chosen #relentless #inclusion #mobility #redefiningtrisomy18 #family #love


DOWNWARD SPIRALS⁣ ⁣ When I was a teenager I used to downward spiral so often it almost became a family joke. I got overwhelmed by school and how much work I had to try and do; my dad would berate me for my bad time management (he laughed so hard when I applied to a job requiring organisational skills earlier this year. Needless to say I didn’t get the job and that employer dodged a big bullet). Then I would miss a load of school, finally get some rest, and come back a couple of weeks later with much reduced expectations of myself and a reasonable plan of action. Two weeks later it would repeat.⁣ ⁣ I know that if i start downward spiralling regularly I’m taking on too much. It’s my bodies way of indicating to me that I cannot maintain the workload i doing, which makes it sound easy to avoid. Just reduce your workload Kelly, and you’ll be fine. ⁣ ⁣ The problem for me and so many others is it’s not that easy. Stopping a subject in school would have meant I couldn’t continue at the 6th form I was enrolled in because they only accepted full time students. Dropping a module at university would have meant being a part time student, which again wasn’t available at my uni, and even if it was, I couldn’t have afforded to live on a part time student maintenance loan. The same goes for people in work. We’re not just working because we like working; we work because we need the money or because our employers won’t allow us to work less hours.⁣ ⁣ If downward spiralling is just a regular part of your monthly schedule, I feel you. People on the outside make it seem like it’s our fault, but its often not. It’s often the fact that workplaces and schools aren’t built to accommodate people requiring a lot of flexibility, and until that changes, being a part of this is always going to damage my health.⁣ ⁣ What's your experience with downward spirals? Are they inevitable, or have you found ways around them too? I would love to hear your experience down below!⁣ ⁣ [ #imagedescription: Kelly has shoulder length ginger hair, pale skin, and red lipstick. she wears a blue knee length dress and is smiling at the camera against a cream studio background.] 📷 @perrytoombs Dress @british_retro


Funny, everybody is so busy building an empire they do not realize we all ready live in the empire of the mightiest #onekingdom #risen #christmas #themighty #liftpeopleup #bemightyyou


This is me yesterday after my pain management appointment swipe to see me a few days prior, I have been fighting with a #migraine and #Fibromyalgiaflareup for a while now (they can last anywhere from a few days to months) sometimes the migraine and flare up will subside and I will feel like the old me (LOL) and try to do a million things and “crash” and need to recover for a few days and that will cause the migraine and flare up to be provoked and come back 1,000 times worse, I should know better by now, after four years, I should know better. It’s hard when you still mourn your old life, when you go to get injections and you “feel better” and you know your supposed to rest but want to tackle the world because for a brief moment you feel “ABLE” When I went to see my pain Managment doctor yesterday we spoke about how I was in pain and he asked on a scale of 1-10 and I giggled because I don’t think that pain scale applies to #chronicpainpatients (no offense to anyone) it’s just that I think our pain threshold is a little different because it’s constant, but to “taboo” to talk about, so when I said a 12 he giggled back, after I explained this concept to him, he agreed! Also after receiving my injections I could not believe how such a little treatment could give me such big relief, I mean look at the difference in my face, but it is so so so hard to get the help we need here! I have fought so hard and so long to get to where I am! I am proud of myself and I’m still learning and healing every day. I AM #THEPHOENIX * * * * #QUEEN #THEOHOENIX #WARRIOR #aintenoughmoneytopaymerespect #tornadowithaheart #chronicallykillinit #chronicallyill😝 #theuglytruthCHRONICales #wanheda #bloodreina #soulsurvivor #chronicmigraines #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #fibromyalgia #trigeminalneuralgia #allodynia #adrenalfatigue #autoimmunewarrior #chronicpainwarrior #chronicinvisibleillness #patientsarenotfaking #butyoudontlooksick #themighty #thespooniesisterhood


Ok, so I thought it is a very good and cost effective idea to stock up on pea protein powder. In hindsight, I should have realised this will be a very hefty bag to drag out at each breakfast time 🙈 (it’s not an illusion, it really is this big) #bulkpowders #plantprotein #lowcarb #veganbreakfast #veganprotein


@newyorkbullycrew does it again making @angelashouseli kids smile!! “Travis” 🐶, one of the 7 brindle bunch, stopped by our Stony Brook house 🏠 and left everyone smiling, especially Tyasia!😃💙 . . This sweet pup 🐶 is currently in a foster home and looking for a furever family. Please visit to submit your application.📝 . . . #fureverfamily #smilesallaround #doggykisses #ahli #angelashouseli #medicallyfragile #chronicallyill #littleheros #charity #longisland #newyork #littlemiracles #breakingstereotypes #beatingtheodds #goingagainstthegrain #donate #support #longislandershelpinglongislanders #disability #differentabilies #themighty #sufferingthesilence #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #nonprofits #dontsufferalone


“Travis” 🐶, one of the 7 brindle bunch, stopped by our Stony Brook house 🏠 and left everyone smiling, especially Tyasia!😃💙 . . This sweet pup, rescued by @newyorkbullycrew ,🐶 is currently in a foster home and looking for a furever family. Please visit to submit your application.📝 . . . #pittiesofinstagram #pitsofinstagram #pittiesandkiddies #pitsofig #pittiesofig #fureverfamily #smilesallaround #doggykisses #ahli #angelashouseli #medicallyfragile #chronicallyill #littleheros #charity #longisland #newyork #littlemiracles #breakingstereotypes #beatingtheodds #goingagainstthegrain #donate #support #longislandershelpinglongislanders #disability #differentabilies #themighty #sufferingthesilence #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #nonprofits #dontsufferalone