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Happiness doesn't come with a person. But it can surely come when that person brings with them positive vibes and optimism. When they help you nurture yourself and when they love you while you're still struggling and confused about so many things in life. They make you meet a different side of yours that you didn't know you still have or lost long time back. When you give them reasons to not approach you by not necessarily being rude but by giving them a full fledged hint that you love to live in your so called nutshell for life.. And they still care and want to risk their time and energy just to enter in there. And when you finally let them in, you actually don't get disappoint or the feeling of so called regret doesn't hit you immediately or even after so many months or years. And when you finally realize that how all this was all worth it. When they give you a hope of a big future and prove it to you everyday and then actually place you there. Uplifts you, motivates you, appreciates you and respects you but never judge you. All this doesn't restores your faith back altogether but it surely does make you feel making you fall in love with yourself. How sometimes, taking a chance in love, life, career and choices can turn out to be more than just good or highly different than a mere mistake..! . . #tuesdaythoughts #words #wordsofinstagram #wordporn #follow #followforfollowback #likeforlike #delhi_gram #delhiites #writerslife #writersofinstagram #worldofwordsinsta #worldofwords #goodtimes #worldwide_moods #moodedits #love #life #soul #yourquote #you #peaceofmind #themusements #selflove #happiness