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Hope you’re all keeping well and staying at HOME. We’ve just finished a new batch of original pieces, all this studio time is paying off. If you’d like to see them and get first dips, sign up to our mail out now on - we will send out catalog of all latest works soon


Life goes on under lockdown! We have a couple of new @thepostman_art prints by @stevieunknown available online now for a special price of £195 each... feed an artist! #art #stevieunknown #unknown #thepostman #thepostmanart #streetart #streetarteverywhere #prescriptionart #brighton


Our tribute to Andrew Weatherall our favourite UK DJ (RIP) at @blockbrighton / @yoyo_taco with words by @broken_hartist - as there won’t be an opening anytime soon, we show you virtually ✌🏻


This is a collab we did with @sinclairthevandal from Miami - check him out! It’s good to use this time in isolation to connect with like minded folks and team up to make art. Hope you like it?



FLY ON LITTLE WING 🖤 a tribute to the beautiful Gianna Bryant (RIP) shoutout to our friends in LA! @lifeafterdeathstreet for putting up our collab of Gianna and @megzany for lending a helping hand. Be safe guys and STAY HOME


Here’s a piece we left in Havana during our last visit. We miss Cuba 🇨🇺


Our new collab with @broken_hartist available on our shop now (link in bio) - what do you think?


Trying to get out for some exercise since my almost 3 weeks illness. I’m wearing a mask (to protect others I hope), and avoiding people (like most other runners). I can only do 2.5k run cos of my dodgy knees, but it’s nice getting out this time in the morning! #brighton #running #dailyrun #beach #seaside #seafront #sea #isolation #socialdistancing #thepostmanart @thepostman_art


Albert looking around the corner in Brooklyn, as if he knew what was about to happen. Love to you all from our Brighton lockdown camp, hope you’re all safe 🖤


Tomorrow was supposed to be the reopening of our favourite Brighton hangout @blockbrighton under their new taco brand @yoyo_taco - unfortunately that’s postponed of course but here is one of the murals we did, together with @broken_hartist 🖤 what’s your thoughts?


Here’s this mornings study of Van Gogh’s The Postman Joseph Roulin. This series of Van Gogh’s work has always struck me because of their softness and vibrancy. This took roughly 2.5 hours . . . . . . #painting #study #mastersstudy #vangogh #digitalpainting #thepostmanart #art #painting #procreate




We are super happy with our latest collaboration with NY based artist @pure.genius 🖤 do you like it?


“Everybody has difficult years, but a lot of times the difficult years end up being the greatest years of your whole entire life, if you survive them.” ~Brittany Murphy . . . . Brittany Murphy Nun by street artist @thepostman_art Seen in February over on the corner of Bowery and East Houston Street. . . . . . #houstonstreetart #bowerystreetart #thepostmanart #brittanymurphy #smokingnun #nuns #qotd #artnyc #artgeek #artwatchers_united #be_one_urbanart #globalstreetart #graffiti_n_wallart #instagraffitiart #jj_urbanart #nycstreetart #pinkhairgirl #pasteupart #pasteups #streetarteverywhere #streetartnyc #streetartchat #total_urbanart #urbanvibescommunity #urbanlife_arts #wheatpasteart #wheatpastenyc


Things from around my hood👌🏻 Tag the artists if you know em. #art #artist #streetart #tlv #tlvart #graffiti #graffitiart #florentine #faile #thepostmanart #solomonsouza #imaginaryduck #yonatanmas #Faileart #revzzz


💚🖤💜 wish I could bring it back home #thepostmanart #streetart #urbanart #jimmyhendrix


We’ve been making use of all this spare time to photograph and upload a huge selection of original artworks to our shop (link in bio) - this is a bespoke piece of Audrey on a reclaimed vintage frame. There are many more. Check them out and let us know what you think ✌🏻🖤




Reminiscing about our last trip to NY. Hope you’re all safe. Check out our partly finished new shop design and let us know what you think. Happy Sunday ✌🏻


‘There’s no place like home’ - collab with @broken_hartist - AVAILABLE NOW (link in bio) Edition of 40 Size A3


Hope you’re safe and staying home peeps! @officialdannytrejo 📸 @thejohnennis / design colllab with @markuscuff


Something out of the ordinary today. This is a box we did for @3alxnyc NY show using our design collab with @robertodestephoto - Do you like it? Ps - THE POST Edition Six is dropping soon. If you’re not signed up to our mailing list yet you can find a link in our bio// or -


☢️☢️ Leia on lockdown patrol ☢️☢️


How are you all finding the isolation? We are on total lockdown. Hoping the world will recover soon. Think of Dolly singing ‘9 to 5’ - maybe that’ll make you smile for a moment 🖤


Stay at home #thepostmanart #homesweethome #gooddayathome #family #dog #


We have sent the Hoff out on Brighton Baywatch to stop people from gathering and not taking the situation seriously. All we need to do is isolate for a number of weeks and this could all be over. Be safe everyone, feel free to drop us a line, we’ve got plenty of time to chat! 🖤✌🏻


Beach patrol with #thehoff and @thepostman_art - everybody trying to stay two meters apart. #socialdistancing #thepostmanart


Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing. Robin Williams - make the most of the isolation and create! 🖤✌🏻


We need your help. @jbone89 dedicates her life to helping others. But now, due to her underlying health conditions, she (as well as many others) needs our help. It’s on all of us #highriskcovid19