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Spontaneity | That funny moment before posing for the “perfect” shot. Colombia bringing out the best in me. #那些年 #likealongago 📷: @iris_cfh . #oldphotos #travelbeckons #worldnomad #latinamerica #kazrambles #threeyearson #solofemaletraveller #travelrambles #cohistory #architecture #coculture #colombiatravel #aboutcolombia #soyquindiana #livevivaciously


To many more travels together 🌎💛 #Manhattan #throwbackSunday #Bennie #threeyearson


So lush to catch up with @hannahofarrell && @laurenplummerx yesterday, missed you @jessalicebevan 😘😘 #threeyearson


Today marks 3 years for The Beauty Spyglass! - I’ve had to reign back the posting recently and haven’t written an anniversary one (are they still a thing?) I’m just too busy, but as with any established blog it sits there gaining traffic day after day, regardless. - I’ll never get bored of checking my real time analytics and seeing people from around the world reading my articles. With over 2,000 visitors coming to my blog posts via Google searches each month, it just shows that blogging is still relevant. - I’m so very grateful for the continued support from fellow bloggers, plus the opportunity to work with some fabulous brands over the years. Long may it continue! Happy Birthday The Beauty Spyglass! 🎉 - #blogbirthday #birthday #bloganniversary #myblogmybusiness #myblogisthree #bloggerlife #busybusybusy #buildingthedream #threeyearson #laptoplifestyle #thebeautyspyglass


Why so smug Helen? 🤔 Three year anniversary of my lumpectomy operation that’s why! 😌 Can I just have a moment here to say OMG! Sometimes I look back at that time I was given the dreaded diagnosis and think how did I get through it mentally. I’ll tell you how: I never gave it a name. I never gave it a life. I never gave it a chance. I told myself that it was gone. I told myself over and over and over that I was healed. Some people said I was in denial. Hell yes I was .. I totally agree. I was denying any illness in my body. I was telling myself that it was a thing of the past. That it may have been there once but the operation and treatment removed it and even though it was also in my lymph nodes I acted as if it was gone and believed it was gone. I mixed a bit of hope with a lot of faith, two operations, radiation and medication and always always positivity and gratitude. Could that diagnosis be a blessing in disguise? I dont know. But the day I received the ‘all clear’ was the day I believed in the law of attraction AND that God is always on my side. All I want now is for this to reach someone that needs to hear it. Ok get back to your day. #breastcancerawareness #breastcancer #cancersurvivor #lawofattraction #faithhopeandclarity #threeyearson


Are you being vigilant when using ATM’s? Our creative team designed this illustration, along with many others as part of the 2019 Annual Review for the National Cyber Security Centre. Link to the full review is in our bio! #CyberSecurity #ThreeYearsOn


3 years ago today... You cheekily 'asked me out' by changing your relationship status on Facebook and hoping I would accept 😂 For someone who rarely uses social media... That was a big deal 🙈 A lifelong friendship, three months of dating, a year saving then travelling and now we are on the other side of the world 🦘 Let's see where the next 3 years takes us 🌍 #happyanniversary #threeyearson #couplesthattravel


We rely on the UK's Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) day in, day out. We need the country's communications networks to keep in touch with our friends and family, transport networks to travel to work and school, and energy networks to power and heat our homes. Interruption to any of these services could cause serious disruption to our lives so strengthening the cyber resilience of the UK's most critical systems is a top priority! Want to know how you could help? Check out our CyberFirst courses by clicking the link in our bio now 👩‍💻


Renewed the vows! #threeyearson #threeyearsstrong #gussmum #pinkball2019


Did you know one of the best ways to keep yourself secure online is to have a really strong password? Sure you could make a ridiculously long and complicated one, but how likely are you remember that! Our best advice? Use #threerandomwords! Here's a couple for inspiration: phoneplanetinstagram cheltenhamhelicopterbiscuit bearladderblazer


We are all about knowledge sharing! At the NCSC we take top secret information and make it possible to share with as many people as possible from big business to the public. The IOC machine is just one example of this...


Three years ago we became the first organisation to declassify top secret intelligence and pass it to you as simple, practical advice to help keep you safe online. Keep your eyes peeled for our inside hints and tips based on British intelligence... 🕵🇬🇧


I still remember this day like it was yesterday. Although it was nearly three years ago now. This was the day I said yes to the start of my new ADVENTURE 🌻 The day I decided to looked after myself. The day I decided to take a leap of faith and just go for it. My mentality was if not this then what! I’ve got nothing to lose and there isn’t anything to lose when joining! But I so so friggen glad! The women I was here is nothing to the women I am now. The women here was broken, lost, confused, raising two babies on her own, been in two domestic relationships, I had zero confidence none BUT I look like I’ve one the lottery ticket 🎫 Because I fucked did ! I wouldn’t know where I would be if I didn’t. My personal growth over the last three years 💥 My confidence, self worth, self love, my vibe, my health, all my relationships 🙌🏼 I have found myself ! What I’m passionate about, why I’m here! My purpose !!! Now I’m here three years later. Still working on me, to become a better version of myself and to empower all the people around me. To NEVER GIVE UP!! The only thing stopping you from rising is YOURSELF! See you at the top 🌻 That’s if you have the guts to take the leap! Don’t miss my boat 🚣‍♀️ Here to serve ❤️ . . . #determined #iwillnotfail #threeyearson #persistence #nevergiveup #knowyourwhy #mypurpose #mypassion


A little trip down memory lane🥰.. #Tb to three years ago when @n.g_castle took me up North with him, introduced me to his family and showed me Blackpool, all before deciding if he actually wanted me to be his girlfriend 😂😂 Ps, I sucked at ALL the arcade games and won nothing, so he gave me all his winnings.. Guess I knew he was alright at that point😉 Oh, and the donuts up there are THE BEST! 🍩 #blackpoolarcades #threeyearson #happygirl #thenorthisalright😉


NICE WEEKEND EVERYBODY AND...GO UDINESE GO!!😁🤣 #dontworry #threeyearson


#threeyearson ❤️


A top priority in our new build 3 years ago was a purpose built hall cupboard for school bags, Blazers etc ...... 🙄 #threeyearson #workingwell #killsme #onedayitwillclick