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🇬🇧 The construction of the St. Sava Church in Belgrade, one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, began more than a century ago. It is not finished yet. But the roads here are build much faster) Belgrade, Serbia ———————————————————— 🇷🇺 Строительство храма Святого Саввы в Белграде, одного из крупнейших православных храмов в мире, началось больше века назад. Оно не закончено до сих пор. А вот дороги тут строят гораздо быстрее) Белград, Сербия ———————————————————— #russiandrone #dronerussia #serbia #belgrade


💚😍 • 🎉👉@NammudePage👈🎉 🏞️യാത്രകളും 🎨കലയും ഒരുപോലെ ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നവർക്കായി...! 💕 🌴കയറി ഫോളോ ചെയ്യന്നെ!😍 💝👉@NammudePage👈💝 🍁 #NammudePage 🍁 ------------------------------ 🏞️ For the Wanderlusts! 🙌 For the Creators! 🎨 For the Artists! 🎙️ For the Singers! ------------------------------ 👉 From: @mattworldph ------------------------------ 📎Tag or Use #NammudePage to get featured here! 🎁 ------------------------------ 🌍Join our family by mentioning us on your story! 😍 ------------------------------


Photo by @moners | That piercing stare. Wolves only made a comeback to #Germany in the year 2000, after they began crossing the border with Poland. Share your story: #roamtheplanet


The storm will pass and better days will come, I’m sure of it.


Gumda gaun😍 📸Photo credit: @sujangrg_solta . . . . Visit his profile and show some insta love❤️. Use 👉️ #iggorkha 👈️ to share your travel experience with us and get featured. . . . Follow us @ig.gorkha for more. . . . #gumda #gorkha #nepal #manaslu #village #mountains #lonelyplanet #tourtheplanet #igtravel #ig_masterpiece #ig_captures #trekking #instanepal #insatgood


Walking. Lightly pacing. Jogging. Running. Sprinting into the Weeknd like a mad woman.


Photographer: @namkampa #webangkok #thailand #bangkok


Veluvana Bali is ready to provide the best service for an unforgettable stay by living environmentally friendly in Sidemen. 〰️ you will leave your heart here and hope to return again.


繼續摧殘頭髮 今次係藍綠色 bye bye leng leng pink hair . . hair by @hairstyle_lokchiu