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Cool beat idea from the drum solo section of one of my arrangements. The syncopation of these hits allows for the same drum pattern to be displaced by one beat and sound just as "in time" as it would the first way, even with the crashes on later beats. What the hell, we'll make it a #playthisbeat for the drummers out there. If you're thinking in 16th notes, it's a palindrome with the emphasis in different places on each side. The number with asterisks is the subdivision where the emphasis is: 4-3-*4*-5-5-4-*3*-5 If you think of the whole groove as a 16-beat froove, the first 8 beats follow that form, and the second 8 beats are just displaced one quarter note. #trippygrooves #delayedpocket #displacedbeats


Front row for @pantyraidmusic and it brings me to tears feeling this connection. Been listening to you guys for so long and it's unreal that I actually got to be dead center feeling all of your vibes. I love you and I thank you♡♡♡ #allineed #epic #brainwashed #meltinsideme #nocturnalwonderland #trippygrooves #labyrinth :') at Nocturnal Wonderland


Ott #trippygrooves