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In my business, December is always really busy between trying to get everyone's photos back to them in time to print Christmas cards, and shooting a zillion weddings (hello Utah, and always 1 million weddings between BYU semesters! Ha!). I’m so grateful for the work though. I always say it, but I'd rather be too busy than not busy enough! Tomorrow I'm going to share my tricks that I use to manage my busy schedule and not feel stressed all the time! Be on the lookout! But while we're waiting, what is your December like? Busy, busy, busy? (<---- said in the voice of the mean guy from that old Frosty the Snowman movie.)


A perfect 21st night of September.


For me, delivering a gallery isn’t solely about delivering a “picture perfect” photo for the mantel. It’s making sure I accurately portray each person and relationship as they were. We all know too well that these little people won’t always be little. Someday when our grandchildren see our smile-lines they will want to know about ‘the good ol’ days’ when we were young. I hope when we all look back to remember- we will have photos to vibrantly tell our stories.


First time grandparents doting over their grandbabies get me every time! Can you just see the happi ess in their eyes? #utahfamilyportraits #familyphotos #fallfamilyphotos #utahfall #utahphotographer #outdoorphotography #grandparentsandgrandkids


There is so much LOVE and FUN and JOY just radiating from this family! What more can you ask for 💛 ... Sending ALL the bright light + love + positivity your way today @mandyshaw1 and @averyryan11 !! 🌈


The lovely ladies of the family! 💖 #familytime #familyphotography #utahsnow #utahfamilyphotography #utahfamilyportraits #beauty


I know it’s December but I’m waaay behind on posting my fall shoots. Enjoy! 🍂 #fallforever


Oh my goodness, I'm just loving this picture from my session with the Salata family! My pictures did not do this Winter Wonderland justice. It was breathtaking!