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istilah ‘berjaya’ utk tahun 2018, seandainya Cheppenim bisa bukakan sikit pintu hati ini chewwah, kalu masih tertutup rapat tunggu jelah raya nanti Cheppenim buat open house HAHAHA! 🙈 at Seopjikoji


Маска с мордочкой енота + я = оборотень🌝🤷🏼‍♀️ #oldlady #notyounganymore at Sviblovo


. Congratulation! #igersociety photo of the day by @ekoyulist . 🌐 Location : Bromo Tengger Semeru, Jawa Timur . Follow us,tag and use hashtag #igersociety for featured


Really wonderful match you put up tonight, buddy! And to your team - USC Men’s Football Club. ⚽️ bless up! 🙏🏻 at Cebu City Sports Complex


Sunday near to end but dont worry, tomorrow gonna be a good day!! Happy sunday all 😘


(1/3) Caption nyusul at SILOL KOPI & Eatery


Любимые хризантемы от любимой @tatka.tanushka ❤️ at Moscow, Russia


Do you have any hidden talents? 🙌 My childhood was crazy haha, I was a student of the Art school for about 9 years 🎨 I was formally accepted there at 4 y.o. so since then I was keeping brushes and paints as my idols 🙇 I even wanted to be an artist in my future as everyone was telling me about my talent (such a foolish). However, later, interests have changed, priorities have gone the other way. I realized that hobbies should stay hobies but not your way of earning a leaving. So now, when I need to shake off some ideas and to relax, I draw for myself (My mom even sent me a new sketchbook some days ago, I was squealing with delight 😄) Tell me about your hobbies or hidden talents! ✨




starfish ・ ヒトデって実は臭いの知ってた? at 新舞子岬



​​​Советик на день:👇 Посвятите вашу жизнь тому, что красиво. Не растрачивайте ее на уродливое. У вас не так много времени. Глупо растрачивать жизнь на грусть, злость, ненависть и ревность. Посвятите ее любви. Посвятите ее творчеству.