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It's been a super busy week getting orders out, but I finally got the last packages ready to ship in the morning. This pretty #rainbow moon phase is off to Wisconsin 💜 at OBX


Feeling so lucky for this life 💕 at Cape Schanck


Ferry rides! 🙂 at Seattle, Washington


👯 at Kansas


classic american streets #shotoniphone at Ocean Beach (San Diego)


My parents are my only models. 👌🏻 at Indian Mounds Regional Park


Photo by @samtc In frame ambassador @trlshooter - Stoked for fall and sweatshirts!




: swipe for a pun - - - - 😬 at Flinders Lane, Melbourne


Family portrait on point! Imagine waking up to a flock of free-range sheep as they casually grazed and hung around your car like it's NBD. With a seven to one sheep to human ratio, the sheep count in New Zealand makes for a living cotton paradise! ☁️🐑 Baaaaa~ at McLaren Park, New Zealand




Social media can make us all look cool, but this is actually what I look like most of the time. @freshicatodd caught me picking my nose on camera. Yes, I do that quite often, because breathing is more important than the opinions of people I don’t know, sitting at tables around me. (and yes, I still put a filter on this) 😂😂😂 #DONTignoreYOURboogers #theyarepeopletoo at Portsmouth, New Hampshire


📷: @matthcordeiro at Macaé


It’s almost fall and already missing summer ☀️ #almostfall #wheresthesun #funinthesun


Eggs. That's what this park smelled like. Hard boiled eggs. 🥚😋 #YNP #worldsfirstnationalpark at Mammoth Hot Springs


The view from above of Unalaska, Alaska. 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸 La vue de haut de Unalaska, en Alaska. Photo: @garry_tutte


# # # # #


“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don’t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estés // ft: babe town @brittlichty__ at Into the Wild!


Single on the way.... -- 🍭 if you can't wait! Great news to be announced this week as well 👏🏽 - 🔫@radleyraw at Liberty University


He loves us with a love that begs to transform us. A love that restores our brokenness to a divine wholeness, a love that resonates deep within our beings, that speaks of a people who are defined not by the work we do with our hands but by the gospel---by the God we serve. We are loved with a sustaining love from a God who remains, who abides in the midst of his people because he is passionate about the restoration of his handiwork. He loves us with an identity-restoring love. A love that can only be found in You, our Jehovah God. • • • #wanderlust #wanderfolk #explorethecreative #thehappynow #theartofslowliving #untoldvisuals #openmyworld #oneofthebunch #explorechile #houseoftones #stayandwander #searchthehorizon #folkscenery #livefolk #LiveIntrepid #liveluminous #livethoughtfully #nativecreative #neverstopexploring #boldbraveyou #postitfortheaesthetic #mytinyatlas #lostatlast #modernvoyage #holdthemoments #lovelytones #beautifulintentions #queekygrams #quiethechaos #dearwomanmovement at Mendoza, Argentina


How hard life has become Reciting prayers of long ago How hard life has become Water is a scarcity Look at them with pity Water is a scarcity Wells will soon run dry Look at them with pity How could one not cry Wells will soon run dry Land stolen, left alone How could one not cry True intentions shone Land stolen, left alone Reciting prayers of long ago True intentions shone Spirit of the Navajo


"Brown eyes were never my favorite until I saw yours" 👤YiYang.


I can't wait to get back out in the middle of nowhere like this. I love the peace and quiet in these hills. at Death Valley National Park


Truly grateful to look back at the adventures and memories created exploring around America's beautiful parks at Bighorn National Forest


I hope you are blessed with a heart like a wildflower strong enough to rise again after being trampled on. tough enough to weather the worst of the summer and even able to grow and flourish in the most broken places


I just wanted to take this moment to reflect on the fact it's been almost one year since I started this whole journey. Whether you have been here since the very start or just found this today, I cannot thank you enough for the everlasting love and support. I could not have imagined that in a span of one year, I would be where I am today. I would like to thank @hinfluencercollective for inspiring me so much this past year. Whether it be a meetup at Pittock or a launch party in DTLA, I have met so many people from different walks of life. All of us want to create content, and it’s amazing to see how a common passion can bring so many people together. I hope to make more connections more as I travel to new places this year, connecting with people who share a similar passion as mine using The Hub. I cannot wait to see what’s in store. It's just spectacular to see how far this journey has gone. #mycorehapplication at Portland, Oregon


Throwback to that time I stood in front of the most beautiful mountain in the world at the most beautiful time of day (night?) (right before dawn 😅) at Zermatt Matterhorn


One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives island Tag who you’d explore with! Photo @tamaraz1004 All rights belong to their owner© Tag @thefreelifetravell all of your travel videos and photos to have a chance to be featured


By definition, saving - for anything - requires us to not get things now so that we can get bigger ones later. Jean Chatzky


"The kids love the independence our property gives them; we never have to holler up the trail to them to slow down or wait up in fear of them getting out of sight or staying out of other hikers’ way. The freedom is good for these toddler souls." . . Click the link to read more about farmlife with kids from @tlovesr #tinybigadventure #tinybigpeeps


"The Town under One Roof" - The Begich Tower of Whittier, AK is a 196 unit condominium and is noted as being the residence of nearly the entire population of Whittier. City offices, the Police Department, a medical clinic, grocery store, laundromat and a Bed & Breakfast are all within this one structure. at Alaska


#Repost @raymajoran ・・・ If creation still obeys You, so will I. #100BillionX at Iceland


Summer can't TRULY be over already, can it?! I miss days at the lake already. #denial #imwearingasweater #andnothappyaboutit


Some exciting news to announce this evening! Coming summer of 2018 I will hopefully be standing over 14,000 feet at the summit of Mt. Rainier! This has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work awaits. 10 months until the date of my summit attempt with lots of preparation till then.... cue the Rocky training music! 👊🏼🏋🏻 at Mount Rainier National Park


talk daaat talk baaaaby 👏🏼 @ninaaherrera @emilyrosemauro @joshthewash #hadto #SORRYNOTSORRY


"On Wednesday's we wear Pink"💕


We battled hump day this evening by hunting dinosaurs and birdies at the park.😎 . . . #nature #kentucky #summer #getoutside #optoutside #takeahike #boymom #toddlersofinstagram #photooftheday #wanderfolk #50shadesofnature #liveoutloud #home #country #fun #freshair #humpday


Mountain Machine 🚙⛰🌲 #carspotting at Monte Sano State Park


be heard or stay silent


Almost time to pick these beauties. #grapes #vineyard #wine #wisconsin


|| soon and very soon, we are going to see the sun again ☀️ #TBT


Find that right person in your life...⠀ ⠀ ⠀


Since August 31st, I’ve been working on the #jmgetbookedbootcamp , which has been SO valuable to me already these last two weeks. This course isn’t your average marketing course - it has really challenged me to think about who I am as a person, how I want to live my life, and how that affects what I want my business to be known for (thanks @justinmarantz and @marymarantz!). Obviously, this led me to drag Chris out into the woods to take new headshots for me… I mean, this led me to work with the insanely talented @chrislacroix47 - the creative director and lead photographer for this shoot. ;) . But honestly, when I thought about how I want potential brides or seniors to feel when they work with me, I thought about the comfort of your favorite hoodie (all black, of course), the way you feel in a new pair of @madewell jeans that seem like they were made specifically for your bum, and the calm of a rainy day walk in the woods with your sweetie, with hot coffee waiting for you once you’re safely snuggled at home. Which led me to bribing with an expertly crafted ham sandwich and an I love you. . Comment below if you can relate to wanting to feel both cozy and adorable at all times, and if you agree that sometimes the way to your hubby’s heart is a nice lunch. 🍔 #sarahlacroixphotography at Sarah La Croix Photography


Oh hi friends! ____ Thank you for all of the DMs about where to hike, what to see + do, and where to chow down afterwards. Looking forward to exploring your favorite places! ____ We're still 3 days out from our trip but already packed. I call it excitement, he calls it crazy 😂 at Banff National Park


Looking through the rings of life 🌍 #thinkworldtravel Cc: @thewilliamanderson at New York Waterwy-Battery Park




Yesterday, Mexico had its second major earthquake in a few weeks' time. It's a vibrant country full of generous and loving people who know how to heal better and heal stronger. If you're able to donate, a list of aid organizations helping in Mexico City and Oaxaca is currently linked in my profile. 💜 at Mexico


The past couple of days have been a reminder that everything can change within the blink of an eye. A family friend was said good bye to today and yesterday many lives were lost when Mexico was hit by yet another earthquake. There are so many things out of our control that can shake our world in an instant, literally and metaphorically. The only thing we can control is how we choose to respond. With love towards those we lost, those we love, those we've never even met, and ourselves💕Someone I had never met before reached out to me today on Instagram asking if I could share ways that people can help the victims in Mexico. He said that he has reached out to many for help and so many have done what they can to be supportive, even just sharing the information. Our instinct is to help, to be altruistic, to support one another❤️ If anything, we are lucky to live in a time where we can help. Where people from other countries can be connected, can find a way to help even from afar, can spread awareness, can fly to another to offer support, can be made aware of the disaster and also made aware of the good nature of people. No matter the stance of the political world or the disastrous state of the natural one, we can use our progressive resources to transcend boundaries and help one another✨There are many ways to help in Mexico, whether it's supporting Los Topos- an organization who is on the ground amongst the debris- or any other organization, spreading the message and creating a greater outreach, volunteering, or simply sending positive, healing energy. And there are many ways to help anybody, the person next door, the passerby on the street. Fight for a cause, donate, volunteer, share a smile, be kind, be a nice human🔮💫💙⛰ at Zion National Park


Under the stars 🌌💫✨ Photographed by: @j.diegoph ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ Create and inspire #spiritsoflife ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ ‣ ⌯ www.facebook.com/spiritsoflifeofficial


Flooded trails


I haven't really been on social media lately, been too focused on actually getting out and living. This is Edwin from a few weeks back, coming down off the Hinman glacier. After our climb took several hours longer than anticipated we were racing light back to camp, pushing our exhausted legs and minds to finish the trip. I've had many adventures since this, but this trip will continue to stand out as one of my summer highlights. . . . . . . . . . . . . #lifeofadventure #createcommune #agameoftones #moodygrams #ourplanetdaily #sonyalpha #illgrammers #way2ill #thevisualscollective #artofvisuals #explore #adventure #bevisuallyinspired #folkcreative #beautifuldestinations #wanderfolk #theoutbound #theimaged #underattedgrams #justgoshoot #pnw #northwestcreatives #pnwonderland #thatpnwlife #liveauthentic #washington #theglobewanderer #Exploretocreate #noanchor




I have never seen an ocean so calm 😍👌🏻 #sonyalpha #sonyalpha7ii 📸: @emilycable at Malapascua Island