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The other 2 oils I got from @seanceperfumes are 'Opium Den' -featuring a myriad of delightful notes including frankincense & myrrh, orange blossom, cream, cedar & patchouli making it a complex scent that continuously changes over time... and 'The Witching Hour' which is my new obsession! This one features notes of smokey chocolate, cedar & sandalwood. 😱 The product description says it perfectly: "Imagine the scent of the house that awaited Hansel and Gretel when they stepped forth from the woods." I seriously can't get enough of this scent, it's SO good! 😍💜 . . . #seance #seanceperfumes #perfumeoil #opiumden #thewitchinghour #obsessed #wanttowear24/7 #lovethem #witch #darkheart