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I have been down for the count since I got home from Bali. Sinus infection + what I like to call “the airport shuffle.” I lost a good 10lbs (which is not something I’m celebrating). Thank goodness it’s potato and gravy season. I feel like I’m missing something. Like I’ve lost my keys and need to be somewhere. There’s a feeling I can’t escape. A newness I crave. But what it is exactly, I don’t know. I’m flushed with ideas of expansion and feeling rooted by change. I have a new pulse on life and I’m putting my finger to it. Today’s write club wednesday prompt is in your box. Did you read it yet? It’s a fiery start to your hump day. The next write club workshop is January 11th at 6:30pm, link is in my bio to reserve your spot. Don’t miss the new year fresh start to living and writing from the inside-out. We’re almost half-way sold out on our Ibiza Retreat in June — holy YES! If you’re thinking about it, message me. #holywomanhood #writeclubnow #writeyourheartout #thisismyyoga #writewhatsreal #expansion #ibizaretreat #movewithus


I just got off the phone with my sister from another mister, @ambrevandeberg. It’s official! Ibiza, we are going to be inside you in 2020. Mark your calendars June 13 - 19 for our You Do You retreat. More details to come soon. #youdoyou #ibiza #thisismyyoga #travelwithus #holywomanhood #movewritehealplay #writeclubnow #yogaretreat


About Freedom. About Meeting for the 218 th time. #writeclubhyderabad #writeclubnow #writeclubhyd #writersofinstagram


Let's meet this Saturday for the 218 th time. It's a free world, a free space and an absolutely free event. #writersofinstagram #writeclubnow #writeclubhyderabad #writeclubhyd


Hosting and Timing with @corrbette while the worthy combatants work it out at @writeclubnation ...and a mighty good battle it was 🔥🤘🔥


It has occurred to me that I don’t need Botox, I need more 90 minute massages in my life. No lie. I feel the pressure to not age, stay young and fresh like a baby’s fat rolls. An impossible standard to live up to, really. I’m creating a new aim: to look and feel relaxed, like I woke up from a nap or a long Nidra session. I’m going to remind myself that aging gracefully is about being relaxed on the inside and results may vary on the outside. Owning it. Whatever your “it” is, own it. Botox, massages, or not. You do you. #holywomanhood #holymotherhood #aginggracefully #thisis36 #bodyloving #writeclubnow #writewhatsreal #youdoyou


i talk a lot about sharing struggles, being vulnerable and open and owning your story. but I rarely share when I'm in the middle of what I call an "anxiety cycle" or when my depression pays a visit. I get caught up in shame and self doubt and think I couldn't possibly have anything helpful or interesting or useful to share with anyone so I hole up within myself until it passes. well, I decided over the course of two nights to hand anxiety the pen and I wrote and wrote from the middle of a cycle. an episode. a really shitty few days. I wrote it down and shared it in my blog in the hopes someone reads it and it helps them feel a little less alone. I feel a little lighter knowing I don't have to carry it alone. then I got to walk in the woods and feel the crunching of the leaves and see the sun come through the trees and reground myself. the link is in my bio, if you have an interest in reading. I'd love for you to share your own stories with me as well if you feel you need space to share. ✨ sending love. 💜 • • • • • #amwriting #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #realfuckinglife #holywomanhood #writeclubnow #writeclub #writemore #mentalhealthawareness #vulnerability #connection #selfawareness #selflove #selfdoubt #mindfulness


The attention you seek is your own. #longstoryshort #writeclubnow #holywomanhood #thisismyyoga


What we treat passively will always remain on idle. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself on loop of patterns meeting the same people and experiences with different names and stations. It takes effort to step up and out of your own way. You’ll need discipline as your middle name to show up when you don’t want to. Say the hard things. And act on your own behalf. Much like our yoga practice. Whether treated casually or a priority. Same goes for our relationships. Tasks. Jobs. Etc. Focus is life. It matters where we are paying attention and to whom. Notice when you need to let go of bullsh!t, you’ll have to act and not sit back passively hoping sh!t will change. Hope is meaningless without action. If you want to change your life, you’ll need to challenge it. Rewire your mindset and get off your a$$. Every damn day. #notesfrommyjournal #theyouisme #writeclubnow #thisismyyoga #yogamama #holywomanhood #holymotherhood #yogaisawayoflife #yogatidbits


"it's amazing what we can accomplish when we stop standing in our own way." I finished writing "views from the valley" last night and wrote a blog post about what that experience was like and all kinds of other insecurities and fears that come along with writing, creating art and overall putting your heart and soul into your work. It's like write-ception: writing about writing. Fun times. I'd love it if you read (link in bio!) and shared with me your fears, thoughts, dreams or whatever you've accomplished when you decided to stop standing in your own way! Share. I'd love to hear from you. "views from the valley" will be available December 1! • • • • • #annamichellewriter #viewsfromthevalley #blogger #poet #publishedpoet #author #writeclub #writeclubnow #publishedauthor #poetry #motivation #authenticity #writingprocess #iwroteabook


Take flight and wing it. That’s the best way I can describe my life for the last decade. I’m on @theawakelife podcast today talking about living our dharma (purpose with many meanings), balancing this work with motherhood, how I came close to quitting it all, and feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Have a listen, the link is in my bio. Thank you for having me, @anjali_love_yoga from @theawakelife. #theawakelife #wakeupandlove #holymotherhood #holywomanhood #writeclubnow #sharingstories #thisismyyoga #yogamama


DEATH - The ending of each relationship is a death. A death of who you are in that relationship, which is especially true when you have learned to define yourself by the roles you play for others - This woman died three and a half years ago and no one even noticed, not even me - Rather than acknowledging her life and subsequent end I denied that reality, dressing her up and disguising her Weekend at Bernie’s style and dragging her through a life that was no longer hers to live - I inserted her into the lives of others, desperately trying to recreate the roles she played for so long. Trying to find validation for her existence in reality when the truth is that she is gone and she doesn’t fit into my reality anymore - So I’m letting her go now. Her life and dreams are not mine to carry, nor are they anyone else’s - She is survived by her partner Richard and her two step children Jackson and Addison. They have gone on to thrive, their lives forever changed by her love, devotion, and openness. She would be so proud of the people they are now and the love they show others - She loved wine, splashing in puddles, watching Netflix and eating pizza in bed, and evenings spent at home reading next to her loves - She is gone but not forgotten - As I wake on this new day I release her, her patterns, her imperfections, and her shortcomings - I rise to greet a new life that I get to create and a love I get to have for myself this time - May I always be authentic, honest, and true to myself - May I let go with grace all things not mine to carry - May I respect the will and lives of those around me and love them by accepting them exactly as they are not as I would like them to be - May I create the life and love of my dreams and give myself the space to do so - May I live in accordance with my purpose which is love, connection, healing, and having a positive impact on others - Today is a celebration of new life #writeclubnow #writefromtheheart #affirmations #lettinggo #surrender #recovery #CoDA


Everyone | Everything is my teacher. Some teach me how I want to show up in this world. Others teach me how I don’t want to show up in this world. #writewhatsreal #thisismyyoga #writeclubnow #writeyoyrheartout #holywomanhood #holymotherhood #teachinglife


I grabbed the color “dark as night” and the nail technician asked me if it was for Halloween. I said, “it’s to bring out my inner bitch.” She said, “oh, you are going to be a witch!” And I said, “a bitchy witch, but not just for Halloween.” And we giggled. I am not one to bring out my inner bitch. Mostly, because I’ve been afraid of her. Like I’ll unlock a beast that’s been kept in captivity. Stuffed and sucked up. She has been kept far too long; worrying about other people’s judgments, curated a deformed reality of being a “good girl” and people pleaser. This has resulted in her comfort and mindfuck of shrink. And this bitch has grown tired of that nonsense and comfortability. I don’t plan on showing up less kind in this world, I’m simply adding myself to the list a helluva-lot more by taking up space, speaking my truth, and sharing the fuck out of my gifts. I encourage you to do the same: share the fuck out of your gifts. #holywomanhood #holymotherhood #holyandwholly #writeclubnow #writeyourheartout #writewithme #zudayoga #liveoutloud #lovewideopen


did you remember to breathe today? click the link in my bio to read my latest post about the power of the breath, inspired by last week's #writeclubwednesday prompt from @stephynow. #breathe #breathwork #writeclub #writerssupportingwriters #writeclubnow #amwriting #writersofig #writemore #blogger


How could I have forgotten I already have what I need To go where I want To be . . . #pathoflove #myyoga #writeclubnow #healing #goddess #awakening #meditation #love


Say something poetic about about a single leaf drop. #somethingpoetic #fallingisaforwardmotion #basicB #letsthatshizzgo #writeclubnow


🌪Now and again I feel my inhales becoming shallower. Music I love grinds as it flows through my ears. I don’t find joy in the meals I prepare. I lack excitement over things that I’ve looked forward to and don’t even notice the daily tasks that are tedious. The days run by so quickly it’s dizzying. I feel like I’m floating through the seconds, minutes, and hours with no connection to present. 💥This is my cue to STOP. To slow down. To turn down the volume, turn off the devices and be present with myself. Only then, when I turn down the external, do I ask, “How have I betrayed myself?” 🧨You see, so often we betray our deeper wants and needs in order to “go with the flow” or to follow the “shoulds” of the world. We get so caught up in how things appear to others that we forget to ask ourselves how we truly feel and what we long for. This lack of connection to our desires leads to anxiety, depression, and feeds our old wounds. 🌈Today I sat down and just breathed. Each inhale was just for me. Each exhale was just for me. As I connected to my breath I reconnected with that inner light that guides further on my authentic Path. I realized that I’ve been telling myself that I don’t deserve this time of rest I’ve created; that I’m not smart enough, driven enough, or connected enough to pull off my dreams. I’ve been cutting myself off at the knees before the race even started in order to avoid “failure.” But the failure I worry about isn’t my own- it’s failure in the eyes of others. 🌊I inhaled this realizations and exhaled my own betrayal. THEN LET THAT SHIT GO! ❓When was the last time your quieted the external so that your voice authentic was the only one you could hear? How were you betraying yourself? . . . #selfbetrayal #mindset #healing #authentic #yogaeverydamnday #beautynotsize #holywomanhood #nonairbrushedme #pathoflove #onoponopono #writeclubnow


I’m either writing about ghosts from the past or foretelling them in the future. Next write club: Sat., Nov 9th, at 6:30pm. Reserve your spot, link in my bio. #writeclubnow #writingprompts #writewithme #writewhatsreal #writeyourheartout #writersofinstagram


I started write club (like a fight club for people that want to write) to help people write from the inside-out. Like yoga, writing saved my life and continues to bring life into my life. We meet monthly-ish here where I live. My intention has always been to bring people together for connection and community. Because “everything is better when we do it together.” My weekly email-version of write club is an extension of that connection and community, near and far. These are the rules: Write what comes first. Write what you’re afraid to write. Write what you don’t want to write. Write like no one’s watching. Write for you. Forget the rules and the shoulds The next write club workshop is Saturday, Nov 9th, at 6:30pm. All are welcome. You can sign up using the link in my bio. Or be a part of my online write club, subscribe to my email list (it’s free). To all of you that’s been here since day one and in-between, thank you. You’ve read my nakedness time and time again and I hope it lights a fire in your butt to go naked anytime you get the chance. #writeclubnow #writewithme #nakedistheway #howtowrite #writeyourheartout #writewhatsreal #thisismyyoga #writingprompts