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When you run into another fighter/survivor/thriver in the City of Hope Women’s Center at the most random time, you have to take a photo. ☺️ • #cancersucks #breastcancer #youngbreastcancer #tnbc #brca #mastectomy #reconstruction #ihatecancer #1in8 #1in3 #sideeffects #noonefightsalone


The Release - Full Moon in Pisces @mamaoracle and @nalieagustin take their healing circle to Toronto, Canada for an evening of healing and connection. After enjoying small bites and tea we quickly introduced ourselves to a room of women from all over the world. We then broke off into small groups and got intimate with what we were looking to release. Quickly we learned how more alike than different we all were. We mediated and held each other’s hands as we all became one and wore white to symbolize purity and cleansing. (Not videoed): We each wrote letters to what in our lives we were looking to release - that no longer serviced us. We tore up those letters and pilled them into the caldron. We proceeded outside to burn those letters and to start fresh on this first full moon in Pisces in September 2019. ♓️ . . . Music by: Macklemore - Can’t Hold Us Back Calvin Harris - Blame Calvin Harris - This is What You Came For


⁣Thank you. ⁣ ⁣ For your love. ⁣ ⁣ For your support. ⁣ ⁣ For sending me good vibes. ⁣ ⁣ For keeping me in your prayers. ⁣ ⁣ Often when people are diagnosed with cancer their village doesn’t know what to do and often they are alienated, and hurt. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve had the exact opposite experience which I know is so different than many of my peers. ⁣ ⁣ I don’t know how I ever got so lucky, but having the village I have is something I am so incredibly thankful for. ⁣ ⁣ This week on very short notice, 50 ladies gathered together to do the mitzvah (good deed) of preparing challah. Even though I’m not religious, I was moved beyond belief. The energy and the love in the shul Wednesday night was overflowing. And I was the special recipient of it all 💗⁣ ⁣ I feel so lucky and privileged that so many people- friends old and new were able come out after work and dealing with their kids etc to be there for me. And the crazy thing is that was just a tiny fraction of my village. ⁣ ⁣ For each one of you who is reading this, I want you all to know how lucky I am you are all in my life and for continuing to love and support me. I feel it all the time and I’m so incredibly appreciative. ⁣ ⁣ #Rally4Renee


Now that I’m out of active cancer treatment and mostly recovered from surgery, I’m adjusting to the “new normal” of cancer survivorship which includes not only returning to work but also prioritizing my health - both in simple ways (joining a gym, eating healthy, physical therapy, etc.) and more complex ways (meeting with genetic counselors & doctors to discuss my ovarian cancer risk, meeting with a cardio-oncologist to discuss my cardiovascular risk, etc. etc. etc.). While I’m incredibly grateful to be ALIVE and cancer-free and for the opportunity to finally be proactive rather than reactive about my health, I’m also still processing what the heck just happened. I’m still grieving what was lost and wringing my hands over what could be all while celebrating what God has done. The risk of this disease returning - or another equally life-threatening disease emerging - is very real and very heavy. This is life after cancer, and it’s beautiful, hopeful, terrifying and at times overwhelming. A few things I’m leaning into right now: 1️⃣ Getting back to a normal routine and especially back into the gym feels SO GOOD. For the first time in months, I’m back in the driver’s seat. 2️⃣ Reading an Advent devotional every day is keeping me grounded and connected to the larger story of waiting and hope that this season brings. 3️⃣ I’m believing God will redeem the time that I’ve lost (please let it be so). And in the meantime, I’m building altars along the way to remind myself that God is faithful. He delivered me, protected me and filled me with peace. And He will do it again and again and again until it’s time for me to go home. ❤️ #cancersurvivor #brca1 #youngbreastcancer #tnbc


Well my view today isn’t quite as pretty as the white sand and sparkling blue waters of Pensacola Beach. _________ Today was my Round 3 of IV chemotherapy: IV Adriamycin (“Red Devil”), IV Cyclophosphamide, and IV 5FU. I also saw my oncologist as well. I’ll be getting another scan before my 4th round of treatment to assess how well the regimen is working. __________ Although there aren’t any beach views but there is ice cream and I had some good company (my parents) so I guess that’ll do for now. I’m all done with the medications and I’m just waiting to receive another half bag of fluids before I get to break out of here.


I hope I can sleep tonight! Tomorrow I am going for a feast in cancer education!!! That might be a bit of an odd and nerdy hobby....but for me the best day I could imagine. I am all bouncy with anticipation😂 I love learning more and more and more about cancer and wellbeing because there is so much wisdom and knowledge out there and we are just at the start of a revolution in how we view cancer and recovery! A revolution in cancer care! Cancer is not just about your genes going funny and we are helpless people with helpless bodies with genes gone off the rails.... So much is in our hands, in our power! Nutrition, detoxing, hormonal health, emotional wellbeing, tackling fear and stress, movement, joy, living a life we love and all this has real and true effects on our physical body and tells our genes to express health! And this is before the course! I can't wait to tell you all about my learnings after tomorrow 👏💪👊 Watch this space 💚 Love, Sabine


Anyone interested in sending us your story for #fiercefriday? It helps make connections and highlights a breastie each Friday! DM us: 1️⃣ your name, age, location and what you identify as (previvor, survivor, carevivor, thriver etc) 2️⃣ 3 fun facts about yourself! 3️⃣your story and a few pics 📸 for the post! Any questions, DM us! 🥰 #youngbreastcancer #brca1 #brca2 #breastcancer #michiganbreasties #breasties #youngovariancancer #geneticmutation #findyourtribe


Say hello to Ms. December, Debra! She was diagnosed as stage IV and says her current occupation is “trying to stay alive.” She loves her horse, Jacob (pictured here). Read her whole story on our blog,! . . #hereforthegirls #acalendartoliveby #youngbreastcancer #breastcancersupport #lovingsupport


In our book dignity is a right, not a privilege. #RecoverwithDignity


This year #ACauseForEntertainment raised $95,000!! We are so grateful to everyone who donated, bought a shirt, came to the event, shared our info on social media, all of it! We can't do this without you and every year our fundraising goals are able to grow because of your support. Thank you! Time to start planning for next year!


Last night as I stared down at my blank chest... . . & ran my fingers over the nearly seamless scars of where my breasts used to be, I had a feeling of awe come over me. . Somehow the scars of where my surgeon had to remove both of my breasts, only one of which was cancerous, were barely visible. I stared at this for quite awhile. . It was as if my body was always meant to be this way. It was as if it were waiting for me to step into my power and said, ‘there you go, now we are whole.’ Let’s begin the healing work... . #healingwork #breastcancerawareness #youngbreastcancer #flatandfabulous #doublemastectomy #reconstruction #breastreconstruction #bilateralmastectomy


NIP SLIP ➡️ • Except I have no nipples. 😬 Today in class I noticed that my entire left breast was just out and about. Clearly channeling Elaine Benes’s holiday card {for you Seinfeld fans @officialjld } • Normally this would mortify me. I used to go to great lengths to cover up my boobs, pre breast cancer. I was so self conscious. I hated them. They didn’t represent any sort of femininity to me. • And now, after a lot of continuous therapy and work on myself, I am finally connecting to my feminine side more than ever. Crazy how that happens. • How do you feel about your breasts now, cancer fam? • This photo brought to you by the good folks at “All the Olivia Newton John jumpsuit vibes ” LLC. 🙌🏼


Surgery recovery has brought on a whole new set of changes causing me to find yet another new normal. In general, my pain is minimal, my range of motion is greater than anticipated, and my spirits have been pretty good. I can't lift my kids right now (no lifting anything greater than 5lb for 6 weeks) but a couple nights ago, Olivia climbed up into the recliner with me and Will placed Liam on my lap. It felt so good to have my babies close after days of guarding my surgical sites and only being able to sit next to them or hold their hands. But something felt different. During the mastectomy, all of my breast tissue was removed including the nerves. My surgeon had warned me that my entire chest would be numb and that I would probably never regain that sensation. Where I once felt my kids warm little heads against me, I now felt...nothing. With that realization, a new grief washed over me. Cancer leaves behind physical scars, but many emotional ones, too. The layers of loss never seem to end. I know I made the right choice (for me) in choosing a radical surgical plan. I know it gives me the greatest chance of seeing my babies grow up. But with that choice, I sacrificed so many things that many people will never see or even think about. This loss cuts deep and I know I'll always carry the unseen scar of it with me.