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Igarapé de São Francisco, Ilha do Mosqueiro, Mosqueiro Island.





Charlottenburg Palace - I spent four hours here and could have spent more time. It is the largest surviving royal palace in Berlin. Built at the end of the 17th century, it was expanded in the 18th century. Between the buildings of the palace, the grounds, the art, and the history, this place has more wealth than simply the gold on the walls. I paid extra to take pictures inside, but they are only allowed for private use only. One of the things that I found most interesting were the walls and ceilings. The walls were so original and creative: satin covered, painted with a sheer cloth covering so colors showed through, wooden carvings, painted designs. The ceilings were painted murals with something in the painting or design to indicate the purpose of the room such as porcelain carvings of the arts for a library. Everything was exquisite. #charlottenburgpalace #charlottenburg #germany #travel_2_germany


Inbetween everything. . . . . . . . . . . .


Where’s your favourite place along the great ocean road? 🌅 ————————————————— This little cliff top at Point Addis has to be one of my favourite places to just come and chill out! Emerged in the beauty which surrounds you, is can really provide just that little break in reality for even just a split second ✌️


Ready and cool with my 🎥 , I look 👀at my next dance 🕺🏽 move, ready to pick them up, street photoshoot , dancing is life and i live with her, and you? Get ready for my Dancehall class every Tuesday 20h30 @centredansemarais 🔥🔥🔥🔥👀 #dancelifelikeyouwant #jpchandlerofficialakapositivedope #bewomenparis #cameraman #picsart #yourshotphotography #dancelife #streetart #tatoo #chilling #loveyourself #people #artist #lovedancing #community #dancehallmusic #raggadancehall #dancerslife #learning #passion #streetphotography #tattoo #streetbasketball #loveyourself

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