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I can't believe it's already 35.4Β°C right now (11:44am) 🌞 . Luckily we beat the heat by waking up super early today (before 7:30am) and took a stroll to a local cafΓ© @therealcoffeemob for breakfast and coffee β˜• It was a good walk for the four of us - approx 23 mins there (and another 23 mins back) and the little hooman brother even had his first taste of banana bread at the cafΓ© 🍌 . Have a chill day and stay hydrated fur-friends πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ . #ZOEYtheLapphund


Hi Perth peeps! Have you been outside today? Today's weather is a scorcher 😱 Thanks heaven for the cooling air cond inside right now 🌬 Both baby hooman and I are blessed to be able to chill under the cool breeze right now 😴😴😴 . Stay indoor fur-friends and stay hydrated 🌬😴 . #ZOEYtheLapphund


Hoomans and their obsession with πŸ“Έ I don't get it at all! Why can't we just enjoy the view as is? We visited @srorchard on the weekend... Whilst the view was nice, there were way too many hoomans for my liking πŸ˜‘β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘€ . #ZOEYtheLapphund #blossomfestival #srorchard


Have you seen today's weather Perth doggos? It's woofielicious and feels almost like Spring is here already β˜€ I am at my favourite park strolling with the hoomans and little hooman brother, soaking in every bit of the afternoon sun and I love it πŸ€— . #ZOEYtheLapphund


Little hooman brother went to the specialist last week, to have his skin tested for (food) allergies and was given the all cleared 😊 Hooman mama was so happy and relieved, she made us scrambled eggs (baby version with no seasonings) for lunch today 🍳 The scrambled eggs were YUMMY, thanks for sharing little brother πŸ‘Ά . #ZOEYtheLapphund #foodsharing


After one round of the two big ovals at Yokine Reserve yesterday afternoon, I was expawsted 😜πŸ€ͺ . Have a beautiful Monday everyone! . #ZOEYtheLapphund


Beautiful Sunday afternoon stroll at Yokine Reserve with the hoomans and little hooman brother ❀ How's your Sunday been fur friends? . #ZOEYtheLapphund


Hellooooooo! It’s me Zoey…. It’s been soooooo long, anyone missed me? πŸ‘€ Hooman mama has been super busy with the little hooman and he’s almost 10 months old now - time flies hey! . I ❀ the little hooman so much and I think he loves me too; I know this because he’s been sharing his food with me a lot 😊 especially during his meal times!!! Today little hooman has pikelets for breakfast and mama has been kind enough to shares some of hers to me too 🀩 Yuuuum!!! . . #ZOEYtheLapphund


It's my siblings Loki, Daisy, Astro, Little Jerry and my 3rd birthday today πŸŽ‰ Happy Barkday to all of us 🀩 . Last weekend the hoomans took me down to #diamondforestfarmstay for an early birthday present and I ❀ it to bits!!! . #ZOEYtheLapphund @diamond_forest_farmstay


"Mummy! I'm bored πŸ˜‘ Can I call up my friends for a play date this weekend?" ☎ . #ZOEYthelapphund


Hey guys. Toks doesn’t mind the hair dryer anymore


Last night, this happened: "Excuuuuuuse me daddy! Do you know what a personal space is? This is my seat now! I was here first thank you very much!" Daddy was so wude! πŸ€¨πŸ™„ . #ZOEYthelapphund


"Excuse-me mummy, but I take my guarding duty very seriously!" . Bonding time with baby bro last night πŸŒ™ . #brotherlove #guardingduty


I couldn't decided on whether to stay awake or go to sleep 😴 Why not both ❓ πŸ˜‚ #weekendvibes #sleepingdog


Good morning sunshine β˜€ It's a perfect day and weather for snoozing, whilst keeping my little brother's company at the same time ❀ Love you little bro πŸ‘Ά . #snoozing #brotherlove


Happy FRIYAY fur friends 🎢 Can't wait for my run in the park this arvo 😍 . #Friyay #TGIF


"Happy Lappie, happy life" 😁 Big thanks to Tad @silkyfriendspetgrooming for your time, effort and patience in getting rid of my undercoat and making me super light and fluffy ❀ . #ZOEYtheLapphund


Happy new week fur friends! Hope your weekend was as good as mine πŸ˜‚ Yesterday I got to sleep in next to hooman brother’s cot and lounging about for the rest of the day! What a day it was!!! . #ZOEYthelapphund ❀


Happy Valentine's Day to all of my fur friends and followers ❀ Lots of love from my hooman brother and I πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’• . #ZOEYthelapphund πŸ’™


I ❀ my hooman brother so much!!! I hope he know how much I do❣ . . . . . #ZOEYthelapphund