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What they don't tell you is how cold it can get, or uncomfortable when screws or rocks are prodding your skin as you shift in place, clenching at your sleeping bag in hopes of a warmer rest. It seems the "enviable life" is often misleading and doesn't showcase all the little in-between moments you spend in silence, just missing your shot, not seeing anything at all, or not having warm food to eat. Most days you're hungry because you're used to just walking to the refrigerator every second. It's also when you're out in the cold, that you start to notice the home strangers create alongside you. You can talk for the first time to someone without a rhetorical "how are you" or other common nicety. We've been on the road for 11 days and already we've trekked more than 2,000 miles, roads that go on for hours without so much as a spec of change. You hope and wait with bated breaths that each minute you spend in search of - you will spend reaping benefits - but it never happens. Traveling is often about patience, and learning to be ok with discomfort, it helps to be positive even when you're down and out on your luck, when you run out of gas or when your back window shatters. And as much as even I think I love this life, it can drain you, you miss your loved ones and your bed, your routines and access. It can scare you and push you to grow. I have never regretted a single journey I've been on, and I'm thankful for every challenge I am faced with - both seen and otherwise. Life is about change, overcoming and growth. None of these are destinations you can reach, or tickets you can buy, they're found only in your willingness to go outside what you know to learn better what you don't. Cheers to the Adventure in all of us. #1924us #go #portrait #explore #life #home #inspiration #travel #alaska #oregon #defeat


This little dude looks like he just accidentally spilled wine on your carpet during dinner and feels embarrassed by it... Who can caption this the best? #1924us #found #fox #go #explore #outdoors #sly #travel #adventure #home #life #hope #defeat #yes #inspiration


What else is there to say? I'm a happy camper. #1924us #inspiration #animals #photography #life #home #explore #go #beautiful #canada #alaska #wild


I have always wanted to be a part of my flatlays, and getting to see that come true is a pretty radical feeling! Elle always tells me I look like a cherub and when we threw on our onesie thermals I caved and had to admit that there's some sort of resemblance. With all the big smiles and laughs going on, the stress and anxiety for this trip is very real. This time of the year is the rough weather transition in Alaska, between now and October things start looking a little unpredictable and with all the hectic events taking place as of late, I wouldn't be too surprised at difficulty as we head to Alaska's Yukon. We're as prepared as we can be, with food stocked and the canoe up on the car. We will be capturing our adventure for our next book with Ajaz Ahmed titled, Defeat. (See more at defeat.com) If you haven't already our giveaway of $1,000 is still going on a couple posts back! Along with the vintage giveaway to one random buyer of our e-books (now available on our site! 1924.us/books) A thank you to all the companies who supplied us with warmth as we go north, those who asked for nothing in return and the clients who have worked tirelessly alongside us. I have never been a settler in my life, I have had some close brushes with death, with giving up and giving in, but I've never caved to these things. I strongly believe you are bigger than your mistakes, that you can go and do incredible things if you put in the effort. Your character is only as good as your willingness to act on its behalf. Here's to craziness and good outcomes despite. VENTURE ONWARD the lot of ya! #1924us #flatlay #thingsorganizedneatly #design #travel #explore #home #go #places #adventure #travel #defeat #camping #campvibes #yes


THANK YOU! We love you. I love you. I started this crazy adventure 8 years ago in an effort to explore life creatively, and to enjoy the moments in life that are difficult through all of it. I haven't been perfect, much more the opposite, and admitting this doesn't make me feel better or alleviate the things I've done wrong. But I know how grateful I am for my friends, and family, my renewed faith, the ability to change and grow and love for the littlest micro-instances that define our humanity. This has been an insane year for all of us, one of growth and confusion and hardship - but more than anything I believe we have witnessed humanity in others more than ever before. I have seen the good instead of focusing on the negative, which gets so simple to fixate on. People helping people is the most incredible trend, and compassion should be our priority. I have watched hundreds of you support my art, my business, my efforts and my change. I can't be more thankful for that, so thank you. I would like to give back to you again. To celebrate this, your humanity, and our trip to Alaska for our third book; we are releasing both of my previous books online as PDF's downloadable straight to your phone for reading. It includes our first book: Every Small Town Smells Like Hickory and our most recent: Forth Goes the Road. To one lucky buyer of our books in the next 7 days, you will receive everything pictured here, including my own personal timex which accompanied me to Alaska last September, and my drawing pencil which I used to complete over 100 branding projects last year alone. And to a lucky commenter, I'm giving $1,000 to help fund your next adventure whatever it may be. Just share a story with us about the goodness of humanity you have witnessed in the last year that's changed your life and given you hope. The first 50 ebooks sold will receive our new stickers for free! To match your amazing donations, we are donating another $5 for every book sold to the Wildfire Prevention efforts taking place all over Oregon and Washington. Togetherness is a beautiful thing, and to all of you, I am grateful. Link in bio. #1924us


Two years ago I flew to New York to style and photograph my first (and sill presently only) cookbook. The recipes all tried, true and passed down from one generation to the next by the loveliest Rose Marie of @oursiciliantable. All her recipes were a strong part of her Sicilian heritage. The entire cookbook by @beekman1802boys features an array of incredible meals. It is available now! Go to our story to snag one! Or go to Beekman1802 to pick up your copy! Thank you to everyone who has supported us! And to Brent and Josh, who through everything trust me, love me, coach me, and offer me opportunities I'd otherwise not have. #1924us #beekman1802 #cookbook #love #life #aseatatourtable #cooking #food #inspiration #beauty #travel #newyork #handmade #sicily


The unedited sun today through an uncontrolled fire... Goodness the road we took to get here just closed down! We're in for card games and a good night! Anybody familiar with ERS? ALSO! How many scouts I got following me? Life scout, troop 127 here. #1924us #sun #coral #salmon #color #travel #fire #life


The forest fires in Eagle Creek are bellowing smoke out from the mountains and ash is falling along the highway. This is the littlest bit of editing, with no changes to color, just a bit of clarity. It is incredible and simultaneously sad to see it as is. Today we are in Hood River and shooting before the final preparations for our trip to Alaska. We hope everyone has a safe and adventurous Labor Day. #1924us #photography #forest #trees #fog #life #clouds #pink #smoke #fire #inspiration #oregon #home #mountains


It's a beautiful day, and we're off to the fiery woods on assignment for a few brands this Labor Day. So if you're around the deep woods and wanna say hi, just yell really loud and we'll come on over. See ya out there and happy Labor Day! #1924us #fire #go #explore #home #people #life #travel #adventure #places #campvibes #oregon #ocean


Good morning! I've had a lot of people continue to ask and yes we still have my last book, Forth Goes the Road in stock! For those of you who don't know, it was about my last trip to Alaska which consisted of no modern day technology save for a car and a little audio recorder, I left my phone at home and shot the entire book on film. It was a challenging trip but more revealing than much else. You can get it, and our presets along with a ton of vintage memorabilia in my shop! Www.1924.us! Also wow! Preset people thank you! It's so awesome to hear the feedback from all of you and Elle and I are so grateful for you already sharing the work you edited with our presets! Thank you so much! It's a good weekend for traveling and camping and so I'm sending the rest of the 1924 team up to the mountains today to do some fine shooting, I'll stay back to hold down the fort and work on our branding projects! What are your plans for this fine Sunday? And also why is it so hot? #1924us #mornings #go #explore #home #life #travel #adventure #film #inspiration #happiness #coffee #cameras #people #stories


Shot in my front yard at 100 ISO on manual focus. Alaska best be ready I'm comin' for your eagles. #1924us #moon

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