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Where does Richard Sherman rank in top cornerbacks?? Drop a like and comment!!


What will his stat line be this year? Drop a like and comment!


Beast mode🔥 Where does he rank on the top running back list now? Drop a like and comment💯💯


Does Kawhi have a chance at MVP this year?? Drop a like and comment💯🔥


Will the giants win a game this year?? Especially now cuz Odell broke his ankle😬 It’s my first football edit so like and comment for more!!!


Is KD the best player in the NBA?? Should I keep doing cartoons or start to do my older edits again?? Drop a like and comment for the same in return🔥


Joel the Process Embiid🔥 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Will he be an all star this year with the knew format??💰 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Drop a like and comment💯💯


How well will D-Lo do in Brooklyn?? Few days of being inactive but came back with some fire🔥🔥 Spam like and comments!!


How will Myles Turner play this year being the Pacers number one option?? Drop a like and a comment🔥🔥


Harden, Kd and Russ would have been a deadly trio😫 How many championships would they have right now if they were still together?? Drop a like and comment


Zo2🔥🔥 Should I start posting more of these?? Drop a like and comment🔥


Is Shaq the best center to ever play?? I think he is easily🔥 Make sure to drop a like👍🏻


How well will Cam Reddish do in college?? Everyone drop a like and tag him! @camreddish


Phillys future is bright This is my first non basketball post but i thought it looked good😂 Drop a like🔥🔥


Where does Mike Conley rank on top point guards?? Spam me for spam back🔥


Young Iggy was dirty😵 Like my last 2 for spam💯💯 Drop a like and comment🔥


How much longer will he be a bull?? Where will he end up? Drop a like🔥


Where will melo end up? I wanna see him in Portland w Dame. Shoutout to @gravyedits for the sweet skin go follow him🔥

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