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SAVANNAH GHOST TOURS & BONAVENTURE CEMETERY TOURS presented by 6th Sense World® Celebrating 20 Years!

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Ghostly figure in top left window. Lady in white that is known to roam the halls of Old Chandler Hospital? #walkingghosttours #haunted #ghostwalks #paranormalsctivity www.6thsenseworld.com


Ghosts don't hang up their sheets on Nov 1st in Savannah Ga, America's Most Haunted City! Patrick Burns is sporting a full tour on #ChristmasBoxingDay at Savannah Georgia


Shannon mesmerizing a another group of tourists.. Tours daily.. Www.6thsenseworld.com #BonaventureCemeteryTours #6thsenseworld #ShannonScott #6SW at Bonaventure Cemetery


The notorious Jim Williams in the haunted MERCER HOUSE! We offer walking ghost tours nightly that tell you all the sordid details of the house and about the MURDER he comitted in it!!! www.6thsenseworld.com


Tour Guide Extraordinaire, Shannon Scott, regaling his audience with his Master Storyteller skills. Bonaventure is a MUST see in Savannah Georgie.


Beautiful Bonaventurr Cemetery in the late 1800's