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Did you guys get our Vroom call invite?


Today is a big, big day in the Jean and Gene household. It’s...grocery delivery day. Follow along as we wait for tons of (mostly) healthy, great tasting snacks in the final installment of my “Guide to Thriving and Influencing at Home.”


Gene, again! This next installment of my “Guide to Thriving and Influencing at Home” is all about taking care of your skin to take care of yourself. If you’re looking for a natural skincare regimen to help with dull, dry skin just follow these few easy steps.


Gene of Gene & Jean's Awesome Adventure Road Trip here. Taking over to bring you my “Guide to Thriving and Influencing at Home.” The first installment focuses on at-home fitness, so if you’re feeling like you need to get that body moving, this video is for you.


Roads. We love you. We miss you. We will see you again, soon.


76® Pinball Full Tank Frenzy is live and FYI, 76®PFTF stands for 76® Pinball Full Tank Frenzy. Which you can now play because it's (virtually) open. Click on the link in bio to play now.


We might be parked for now, but #WeWillDriveAgain


Adventuring. Road tripping. Hopping in the car to meet up with some pals. We miss all those things too. But even though we’re not driving much now, remember, #WeWillDriveAgain


If you’re looking for creative ways to get creative while we’re parked, check out our #ViewsFromBehindTheWheel coloring story series. A fun coloring activity that will make you feel like you’re on the road adventurin’ again. #WeWillDriveAgain


Bring out your fingers. It’s time to play the 76® Pinball Full Tank Frenzy. Click on the link in bio to play now.


A message to all our drivers out there. Stay home. Stay Safe. #WeWillDriveAgain


Mini Road Trip #30: Skateboard Karaoke. Step one: Drive to a skatepark. Step two: Arrive at skatepark and break out in song as you skate with your comrades. Bonus points if you sing the song backwards.