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These two ❤️ all I produce is mini Duane’s 😂


So ready for this view!! 1 more week 🙌🏻🤗 #cr250 #glamis at Glamis Sand Dunes


Super bad posture, but still felt some improvement today otherwise. 📸: @eric.arellano.00 @forbiddenmotorcycles @memphisshades @bassanixhaust @kaliprotectives @american_vtwin @progressivesuspension


Honda for life! Stoked to get the kids this 50!!


Sure am missing these daddy long legs this fine Sunday morning 😩 @duanedowning 📸: @devito.vs.theworld


For those leery about the strength of the FM pullbacks cause they have a bolt, here ya go 😉 #Repost @forbiddenmotorcycles (@get_repost) ・・・ Pull backs, all bolts hand tight, fly bars. 🤷🏻‍♂️ race diesel F250 22" big saucy American force ( STRENGTH TEST) or just ran over. ARP bolts in pull backs came out as smooth as they went in. I don't know if the ARPs are stronger then the riser or stronger then the Fly bar or stronger then the truck.🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #fm #forbiddenmotorcycles #flyracing #harddrive Thanks @simms666 for letting me rent the race diesel for few minutes.😘


Because it’s finally November and i can’t wait to get in the sand and crash some more!! #cr250 #trx250r #glamis @duanedowning


🎃👻 happy Halloween #halloween2017


So I like to be real with my progress. A few weekends ago I got the front end up so high I froze and almost looped it. Motor went quiet and everything. Since then I’ve had a mental block and have been over thinking my throttle control. It’s leading me to get frustrated and slip my clutch. I regressed instead of progressing which comes with anything you learn. But this last Saturday we replaced my clutch. Went back out to progress and again I was so focused looking down at my dash, my hand placement on the throttle and kept my head down. Finally I stopped furthest away from everybody and thought “why am I thinking so damn hard instead of feeling” I know how to do it. So after that I looked straight ahead felt the bike at 8 or so mph, located my wrist properly, scooted up on on my seat and did a wheelie that just felt natural. I’m still not focusing on videos cause there isn’t much worth to post. But I haven’t posted about how things were going in a while so I figured I post. Moral of the story don’t think, just feel. 🎥: @devito.vs.theworld @forbiddenmotorcycles @memphisshades @bassanixhaust @kali_motorsports @saddlemen


Duane:”I want a new tire.” Me:” No, your tire is fine.” Burns tire Duane: “I need a new tire.” 🙄 @duanedowning


I’ll miss you while you’re in Texas, just remember what you work so hard for ❤️ see you in 14 days! 📸: @brent_122


#Repost @danny_ruthless (@get_repost) ・・・ Wow some scumbag stole @rp949 dyna. Plate is USADYNA everyone who sees this please repost or if you have info DM him #Repost @davidzionoreo ・・・ #STOLEN! License plate USADYNA!


The weekend can’t get here quick enough. @forbiddenmotorcycles @memphisshades @bassanixhaust @kali_motorsports @saddlemen 📸: @duanedowning


One of these days I’ll learn to commit 😫 📸: @duanedowning @forbiddenmotorcycles @memphisshades @bassanixhaust @kali_motorsports @saddlemen


So I know a lot of people have been digging my @forbiddenmotorcycles pull back risers, well he officially has all new and improved pull back risers that’ll be going up for sale. He will have all the details by the weekend! 😍😍🔥


Sometimes you just gotta take a solo ride up the mountain. @forbiddenmotorcycles @memphisshades @bassanixhaust @kali_motorsports @saddlemen


I’ll never do that shit again. But I’m glad we got a cool picture out of it 😅 📸: @caitbbby_

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