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Happy birthday bro!! You're my brother and ik you're always there for me. I hope this is a good one man!!


#fb to IU. i had a lit time with you boys, can't wait to go back!!!


Happy birthday Red!! I hope you have a great day today!! Thanks for being an amazing friend!


dang brooke, i can't believe its tomorrow. you're finally leaving all of us for college. you were literally my bro all year and thanks for driving me places. thank you for all the memories and please stay safe in college.


can't believe my lil' dude gonna be a 7th grader


prom walk was great with you guys! you all looked great!! hope you have a fun night!!


saturday was pretty fun with you guys🔥🔥




#tb to a fun night👌 they laying on what we called the "cuddle box"😂


Fun night last night!!! I had a good time with all you guys (sorry I couldn't get all of you in a picture, this is the only one I had lol)


#tb to one fun night. Thank you guys for all the fun!!


Basketball season has already been awesome with my fav cousin🏀🔥


Just because I like this shirt


You know, I've had people ask me how I've gotten to be so happy. My answer is always, "What's the point in being sad?" Being happy is not hard. It really takes no effort. You have to realize that people are going to say things about you, even if it might hurt you. You can not let these things stick to you and emotionally hurt you. Sometimes, you have to forgive people who aren't sorry and accept apologies you never receive. Once you get past these stages, you will be happy. This is the best part of your life. Being happy brings so many more positive views on life. That's it: that's how you be happy.


All the hate and doubt makes proving you wrong that much sweeter


The field is my home, my sanctuary, my peace. In between the white lines is where you make your story, your legacy. Baseball isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle. It teaches you about life and all it brings. Man, I love this game.


#tb to D.C. when me and Brandon was posin' with my dawg Elmo


Okay, I don't know if this has been getting on anyone else's nerves lately, but why is everyone so judgemental? Just because someone is young, doesn't mean they don't have the right to know what everyone else knows. Maybe someone doesn't have the best grades, but this doesn't make them stupid. And the rumors you hear about yourself do not define your character and who you are as a person. We are all made equal by God and his intention was for us to love each other. So to sum this up, we need to love all, not just our family and friends, but all people. Love the person next to you or the person halfway across the world. That's the way it's meant to be.

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