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A visual wanderlust sleeping with fashion. ✖️ Fashion ✖️ Travel ✖️ Aesthetics

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Sunday colour palette: Comfortable beige, muted mustard, and rich milk chocolate. 🧡 #vaulterie #whyred


Stillness in the early morning... 💭💭💭 at New York, New York


Once a year I’ll channel my inner Helmut Newton woman and serve a little sex appeal with a high slit...🔪🔪🔪 Just so happened to be yesterday. #ootd


This was my favourite exhibition at @fotografiska — “Confluence” by @tina_berning and @michelangelodibattista. The marriage of photography with artwork that is illustrative, painterly, and crafty, makes for beautifully hyper-stylistic images. 🖤 #fotografiska at Fotografiska


As Johnny says in Dirty Dancing, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” — Well, in true Jennifer fashion, I’m always putting baby (or babies) in a corner... for months, even years... 🙈🙊. What can I say? I’m the ULTIMATE delayed gratifier 🙋🏼. And as you may recall, I even blogged about it. I suppose it’s finally time to take baby out of the corner now...


Rainy Sunday mood. 🌧


Thinking about my most recent trip and how the travel section on the blog needs to be updated... 💭🙈💭 In the interim, this photo pretty much sums it up and should suffice. 😬


Dagens lunch: Fresh figs! Check stories to see what I’m making with these delectable inverted flowers.


As I was admiring this luxurious interior and geeking-ly snapping pics, Oprah Winfrey was sitting in my direct line of vision. No big deal, just a typical Friday sighting. 👀 #oprah at Park Hyatt New York


Total boss lady vibes all day in this @weekday_stores jumpsuit and sharp @adamselman x @lespecs sunnies. 🖤 📷: @kenpao #ootd


This may or may not have happened on my recent trip. And, I may or may not have left with something... What do you think? 💭 #gucci


Luxuriously tonal. 💭💕


Is it time for fika yet? 💭☕️


I swear the lighting is always better in Europe. 🤔 #copenhagen #travel #vaulterietravels at Copenhagen, Denmark


Fruitful delights. 🍑✨ #vaulterie #granitway


Clean and modern at @nationalmuseet.👌🏼 #nationalmuseet #copenhagen #vaulterietravels at Nationalmuseet


Time to catch up my IG with travel pics— København, I enjoyed leisurely cycling through your streets like a local and your epic food market is the place to be on a beautiful summer day. #copenhagen #travel #vaulterietravels at Nyhavn, København, Denmark


Took a digital pause for life to catch up with travel. When you're surrounded by so much cultural, architectural, and natural beauty from city to city, by taking the time to be present and appreciating each moment without (digital) distractions is superfood for the mind and soul. 🙏🏼 #copenhagen #travel #vaulterietravels at Copenhagen, Denmark

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