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blow the candle 28april bIke FrEakEr StyliSh tAmizHacHi vIsCom Ponnu Ex Patricianate Ztamil sembaruthi #uma Pet lover Vijay veriyan

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Haaahaaa just tried closeup shot plzzzz don't get scared after watching this video #zeetamil #serial #sembaruthi #uma #tiktok at Chennai, India


#ZTKV2018 #awards event #sembaruthi #zeetamil @sajin_cs Editor of sembaruthi forced him to pose with me @shyamji_s Such a genuine person @creativ_boyi My one only bEstiee forever @x__a__v__i__e__r____salroz____ My crime partner thambi my best supporter n guider love u da panni @sarojeeeeeeeeee Mine ❤ @me_s_h_e_e_l_i sista has a best n close friend


Success is the result of perfection, hardwork,learning from failure, loyalty and persistence by Colin powell Here is the cameraman Mr. Anbu sir, he is the only reason who's appears beautiful in screen, this capture is candid click , it shows the smiling face #Sembaruthi #uma #zeetamil #serial at Chennai, India


#zeetamil #tiktok #acting # sembaruthi #uma #serial #innocent #childish #poi ellame poi at Chennai, India


Speech inspired from vijay Anna, addicted his way of attitude ,this words makes me happier n gives positive vibes #vijayveriyans #vijayanna😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #zeetamil #uma #Sembaruthi #tiktok #acting #inspiration at Chennai, India


There are some people who talk back of me, I think this is the best time to say this word from my inspiration Vijay Anna. Initially I started feel bad n worried because of some people who always tease me, make to cry, try to disturb after hearing his speech, it gives some positive vibes n energy , this words is symbol of slippershot those people tease n back speaks Note: inspiration is inspired by certain people n follows their words not their style Am the person gets inspired and follow the words not copy from anyone (for certain people n bad vibes persons only, not for everyone one don't get hurts ) This speech is motivated me goes towards my success . #sarkar #vijay #vijayveriyans #love #inspiration


After long tym went n enjoyed in village Fresh air feels good nature Best day ever had like this thank u mom Fr taking me there to feel good n happy PC ~ @me_s_h_e_e_l_i


💜💜💓💓 #sembaruthi #uma #zeetamil #serial #sareelove at Chennai, India


Happy B-Day shyam , u r the best person as a friend in my life, good adviser, great attitude, respected one, stylish, gentle n genuine may ur dreams comes true blessed with shower of love, have a great yr at Chennai, India


Giving silly reason for bunking school days classes, even I got more experience deals with my dad n teacher, is there anyone plzzzz raise ur hand at Chennai, India


Black is not a ugly it just a colour, everyone have a perception view but am the stereotype , ignoring my negativity people's, moving towards my dream at Madavaram, Tamil Nadu, India


If there is no struggle, there is no process #sembaruthi #zeetamil #uma #selfie #shootmode at Chennai, India


One of my favorite song #harrisjayaraj #minnale #sembaruthi #zeetamil @tiktok @indiatiktok at Chennai, India


Dubs partner in sembaruthi #ganesha #uma #sembaruthi #zeetamil @zeetamizh @tiktok @indiatiktok @musical.ly_indiaaa

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