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Sources say Mikal Bridges from Villanova is still the favorite to be selected 9th despite the recent Kevin Knox consideration. This is even if players fall like Michael Porter Jr from Missouri. (NYPOST)


The Knicks will be heading to London January 17th for a game against the Washington Wizards.


I’ve noticed people are starting to want Kevin Knox from Kentucky. Why? I just don’t see him being good in this league. I see him being an average role player in 3 years from now. Much rather have Mikal going forward. Convince me otherwise.


Yesterday, Jamal Crawford declined his player option of $4.5M with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It is reported he probably won’t return to Minneapolis • Would you throw a cheap contract at the former Knick?


Some members of the Knicks organization came away ‘very impressed' by Kentucky's Kevin Knox after his performance in a group workout last Saturday, sources say. Knox is likely to be available at 9. Ian Begley of ESPN believes Knox is the pick based of his recent workout with the Knicks. Knox’s stock has clearly risen and the Knicks seem to be on board.


Today’s the day Kyle O’Quinn must accept or decline his $4.2M option • O’Quinn had his best year in the league averaging 7.1 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 2.1 apg, 1.3 bpg all in only 18mpg. O’Quinn has a very productive season as he was probably our second best defender. Not to mention an improved offensive game. His per 36mins stats looked like: 14.3 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 4.1 apg, 2.5 bpg • O’Quinn has always expressed his love for the Knicks and how he loves playing in New York. I would love for O’Quinn to be back, perfect guy for our team. Someone who knows and plays his role. Hustler and plays with 100% heart. Hopefully he opts in. 🙏🏻


According to Ian Begley, the Knicks were not blown away by Trae Young’s workout with the Knicks 2 weeks ago. Does not seem likely that Young in the Big Apple will happen.


Happy Fathers Day to all! Here’s a picture of Carmelo and his son! @mkg14


The Knicks hold the 36th pick in the 2nd round, and there will still be lots of value players available. For me, I 100% want Moritz Wagner from Michigan. If he falls to us, I’d say we have to take him. Taking him would improve our depth at the Center position once Kyle or Enes leaves. Wagner’s stock grew throughout March Madness so there is a chance he goes late 1st. Honestly I would package someone and trade up for him (Courtney Lee/Lance Thomas) He’s a big that can stretch the floor and get rebounds. His rebounding gets underlooked but he’s a hustler. From a Michigan fan that has watched him a lot, he’s going to be good in this league. Guaranteed. I’d love to see my favorite collegiate player on my favorite NBA team.


People close to Kawhi have said that he’s always had a “desire” to play in New York City. 👀 (ESPN)


Not really Knicks related but... Kahwi Leonard wants OUT of San Antonio. He has requested to be traded from the organization • Kawhi said that he feels like the organization handled his situation very poorly and is uncomfortable with them moving on. He’s ready to move on. WOW! THOUGHTS?


The Memphis Grizzlies are willing to trade out of the 4th pick as long as the team takes on Chandler Parsons now $50M contract giving him $24M a year • So, it wouldn’t be hard to move up with the Grizz, just take Parsons, and almost any realistic deal is acceptable. Would you guys trade up? The deal would maybe look like this: Memphis receives- 9th pick, Emmanuel Mudiay, Lance Thomas, Courtney Lee NYK receives- 4th pick, Chandler Parsons


Who is it going to be... #NBADraft


The difference a year makes! Frank said that he is a completely different player than he was in his rookie season. And famous trainer @cbrickley603 agrees and says his offensive game is completely different from the first time he met him. Frank is looking forward to a “break out year” in his 2nd season • Also, reports have it, that Frank has grown an inch since the season ended in April. Starting next season, in the NBA info database, Frank will be listed at 6’6! He also replied to that and said “I might still be growing...” (!!!)


MSG host Wally Szczerbiak leaves his take on who the Knicks should select with the 9th pick: “The point guard position in a Knicks uniform has to be solidified,” Szczerbiak said. “It’s been too long. That’s been the big-time need for this franchise. Unless you have a game plan to get Kyrie [Irving] and can solidify it that way, I think the point guard position is the most important position. They have a lot of really good point guards, but do they have an impact point guard in the NBA?” Szczerbiak said. “That’s the question. The answer to me is, it doesn’t look like it” • Szczerbiak went on to say that he does indeed like Mikal and Miles Bridges but still believes a Trae Young would be more beneficial to the Knicks moving forward • Agree or Disagree with Wally?


8 days! #NBADraft


The Knicks will kick off their 2018 Summer League season on July 7th for a game against the Hawks. Then, July 8th against the Jazz, and July 10th against the Lakers. All games are on ESPN or NBATV. For the first time, all 30 teams will play in Las Vegas. (We haven’t played there the past several times) Excited to see new look Frank!


A meeting between the Knicks and Miami Guard Lonnie Walker IV is scheduled for this Wednesday. Walker projected to go towards the end of the lottery.

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