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Type 1 diabetic with a passion to inspire others! • Ambassador:@ikamper @Woolxwool •📩: [email protected]

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Got a chance to ride in the Wallowa Mountain range and it was incredible!! The skies were clear and the air was crisp which kept the snow fluffy all four days we rode. #oregon #briskoutdoors at Wallowa Mountains


It gave me my top nine but I wanted to share my favorite overnight in 2018. The year flew by but made some incredible memories and excited for what’s to come next. I hope everyone has a wonderful/safe New Year!! #briskoutdoors #optoutside #happynewyear at Planet Earth


I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! I hope everyone gets to spend time with friends, family or the outdoors!! #happyholidays #briskoutdoors at Mount Rainier National Park


The snow is flowing and the moon is glowing!!! Love these crisp winter nights! #briskoutdoors #mtrainier at Mount Rainier National Park


Fall has came and gone but it was beautiful to watch!!! #optoutside #briskoutdoors #jasper at Jasper, Alberta


Warm water and sunshine down at Alvord Desert 🌵. Got to test out the new @ikamperexpedition X-cover and beyond pumped for the product!!! #oregonexplored #oregon #ikamper at Alvord Desert


I don’t know if you have heard but fall is here 😉 #briskoutdoors #fall #optoutside at Planet Earth


Fall is my favorite time of year!! Crisp air, gold trees, snow dusting the mountains and puffy jackets! #briskoutdoors #alberta #canada at Canadian Rockies


Take a walk on the wild side!! Can you spot the hiker? #banff #canada #briskoutdoors at Banff, Alberta


This is what a day dream looks like haha. Waking up from a dream, walking outside and thinking you’re still in a dream!! #canada #banff #alberta at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park


@meandermo.re and I just got back from an incredible trip in Canada. The highlight of the trip was our multi day backpack to the Assiniboine lodge. The place was so beautiful even the outhouse blew our minds haha. Oh and as you can tell fall is in full effect up there!!!! #fallishere #banff #briskoutdoors at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park


@meandermo.re and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph this couples big day!! It was an experience we will never forget! #wedding #enchantments at Wenatchee National Forest


Short and sweet!! #timelapse #briskoutdoors @nikonusa at Winchester Mountain Lookout


This smoke has created some insane filters 😂 #briskoutdoors #mtrainier at Mount Rainier National Park


Our paddle board game has been strong!! (Repost because of cropping issue 😑) #briskoutdoors #pnwonderland #paddleboarding at Diablo Lake


With the heat wave we took advantage of some lake camping. The moon and mars were almost brighter than out @mpowerdinc lights! #briskoutdoors #nightphotography at Alder Lake


Love these snow dogs!! #briskoutdoors #olympicnationalpark at Mount Ellinor

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