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Type 1 diabetic with a passion to inspire others! • Ambassador: @theNomadik @ikamper @Woolxwool •📩: [email protected]

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Went for a night hike in search of the Milky Way but forgot how incredible it was to watch the climbers!! #mtrainier #nightphotography #briskoutdoors at Sunrise Visitor Center, Mount Rainier NP


The snow is melting and those alpine lakes are starting to pop out 😍 #briskoutdoors #benomadik at Enchantments, Central Cascades, Wenatchee National Forest, Wa


Nothing like spending the night on the beach!! #ourcamplife #nightphotography #briskoutdoors


Happy 4th of July everyone!! I hope everyone gets to enjoy the day with friends/family and a little fireworks to brighten up your night! #4thofjuly #livelaughlove #nightphotography at Alderbrook Resort and Spa


Nothing better than being high up in the mountains!! at Mount Rainier National Park


This is my all time favorite place I have slept!! Where is yours? #ourcamplife #briskoutdoors at Mount Rainier National Park


I could get used to this sunrise thing!! #briskoutdoors #olympicnationalpark at Olympic National Park


Spent the last couple days in the Mount Baker Wilderness and was not disappointed. We were blessed with a full day of sun, crazy beautiful sunset, stars on stars and topped it off with some morning lightning!! Can’t wait to go back! #briskoutdoors #nightphotography at Mount Baker Wilderness


Nothing but views!! #ourcamplife #briskoutdoors at Mount Rainier National Park


Finally getting some Milky Way in my life!! Love this time of year 😍 #nightphotography #briskoutdoors at High Rock Lookout Tower


I truly love my state!! #washington #pnw at Mount Ellinor


Weird to think the sun doesn’t actually rise but we rotate towards the east! Little fun fact Friday 😂 #briskoutdoors #mtrainier at Mount Rainier National Park


Not a bad way to kick off the summer!!! #nightphotography #ourcamplife at Mount Rainier National Park


It’s getting to be that time of year again. Long warm summer-ish days and cold-ish starry filled sleepless nights. Or as I like to call it Astro hot toddy season!!! #nightphotography #briskoutdoors at Mount Rainier National Park


This last week was the most incredible splitboard/ski touring adventure of my life!!We got helicoptered into the backcountry of Kokanee BC where we spent a week with no phones, plenty of games, endless conversation, enough touring to make my legs hate me and finished it off with extreme sledding!!! Needless to say we had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back. @djiglobal #dji #mavicpro #travelcanada at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park


I think winter is still going to hang on for a bit longer!!! #jasper #canada at Jasper, Alberta


It may have been sub-zero temperatures but that didn’t stop us from snagging some Astro before the moon decided to join!! 📸: @jmdmcreative #jasper #banff #canada at Abraham Lake, Ab


Banff and Jasper was definitely an adventure. We had -5 degree weather, sunny, cloudy windy but all around beautiful. Can’t believe how incredible that place is!! 📸: @jmdmcreative #briskoutdoors #benomadik #canada at Jasper, Alberta

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