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Breakfast, Bests, Beer, Beats, Repeat

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Well that was pretty special:) cosmic at dawn!


Pumpkin carving party!


Built a bed today!


The 8th suggestion: "Teach her to reject likability. Her job is not to make herself likable, her job is to be her full self, a self that is honest and aware of the equal humanity of other people." @chimamanda_adichie


New graduate cohort showing off. #moael @southernoregonoal at Southern Oregon University


Just because I love you and you look good in a suit;) happy everything! Congrats Nick and Julia! @nswanson_nesw


New blog posts are up! We finished strong and have so many people to thank. @southernoregonoal @sououtdoorprogram @adidasterrex @untappedmaple @sol.erik and Adam! And so many more!


And I threw it on the ground. We made it to Baku yesterday! Cohort number 1 for the Master of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership. @southernoregonoal @sououtdoorprogram @adidasterrex at Baku, Azerbaijan


This one's for Michele. Babadağ Mountain in Azerbaijan 11,906. This is a religious pilgrimage hike and you carry your intention to the top. Feels nice to walk a bit and fill a tarp with garbage on our way down. at Ismailly, Ismayıllı, Azerbaijan


Rest day exploring the city, eating new foods and airing out our feet... my body hurts. @sououtdoorprogram @southernoregonoal at Sheki, Şəki, Azerbaijan


Stripped our bikes to cross the border, celebrated with many pots of tea and made new friends! @sououtdoorprogram @southernoregonoal at Sheki, Şəki, Azerbaijan


List of things Ryan loves includes napping! Lovely time in Telavi and Kvareli. Full of swimming, free watermelon and sweaty bikers. New blog post is up for days 14-21 at @sououtdoorprogram @southernoregonoal ALWAYS much love and cheers to our friends, family, instructors and co-workers back home! at Lagodekhi


Go well my ginger-bearded pint of love. It's been a good life with you as my pup. #guinness


I love trees! Made it to Telavi and the 900 year old tree! Georgian honey bees and lovely locals toasted us up Givi Pass yesterday. On to Azerbaijan! @sououtdoorprogram @southernoregonoal at Telavi, Kakheti, Georgia


Gotta stay fit out here. Long, lowland roads for this crew and beautiful countryside! at Tbilisi, Georgia


Picture says it all. @sououtdoorprogram @southernoregonoal at Gori, Georgia


We were toasted at our campsite last night with a kerosene fire, signs of the the cross and some cha cha. After a tough uphill and dropping next to limestone cliffs, we crashed (not literally) here in the field. I love Georgia. @sououtdoorprogram @southernoregonoal @adidasterrex at Sachkhere, Imereti, Georgia

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