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(tuh-lean) living a wildly lovely life with JM Tohline. + baby on the way + travel lover + photographer + portland, oregon [email protected] Similar users See full size profile picture

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October FLEW by. It was full of the funnest memories, a trip to Hawaii, and one to Big Sur, lots of time with @lolabell, a visit from @gabbyvonigas, and the best day cheering @stephaniebrookealexander on as she completed her first marathon like a CHAMP. now I’m on to a busy November with more family time, our baby shower, and the holidays! I’m currently headed to the airport to fly across the country to be with my girl @hellomynameissarah and her sweet family! Bring on the laughs + memories! photos : @lolabell & @stephaniebrookealexander at Portland, Oregon


heading to the California coast tomorrow to photograph + celebrate @kristenwitter + @hughwesthoff and their sweet love. I can’t wait to be in one of my favorite places, with some of the best people. until then, I’m experiencing the stringer kicks from little lovey that I’ve experienced yet and it has me smiling so big! I think baby might be cheering on the Red Sox while we watch.


when we outgrow and move from this apartment, a little part of my heart will break because it is the most perfect place for us. some days I stand right where I stood for this photo, and I’ll be doing dishes, or cooking and I’ll look over at these windows and the view takes my breath away. I always pause and soak in my thankfulness that this is our home. I usually say to J if he is in the room “can you believe this is our apartment” and he’ll say something about how much he loves it. Not only the view, but the area, and the vibe of this community. It’s really wonderful to love where you live. I’m grateful I do. *in contrast, our first home together was terrifying. It had a sort of torture basement that our cats wouldn’t go near cause it was probably haunted, black mold, sex workers in the back alley, drug deals going on daily in the front, we would hear police helicopters regularly after gun shots, and multiple other crazy stories. It was cute though 😂 oh how the times have changed 😂 at Portland, Oregon


I have a stubbornness that is directed fiercely at following directions while cooking or baking. I don’t want to do it, and I find it difficult. so instead, I make stuff up. currently I’m trying out using spaghetti squash to make a vegan bbq sandwich, and a vegan gf caramel apple crisp. fingers crossed this chaos cooking turns out! at Portland, Oregon


inspired by my girl @wmgoods to share a bit more #realtalk about my pregnancy. I feel so lucky and blessed to be pregnant. it’s my dream come true! but a combo of being fairly optimistic, and having a healthy imagination for day dreaming led me to believe that my pregnancy would be a glowing experience where I would continue my workouts, keep my house clean, and continue cooking like normal. In reality, it hasn’t been that way at all. The first trimester I was sick 24/7. I was SHOCKED by how awful I felt, and couldn’t fathom how ladies do this MORE THAN ONCE. I mean I was miserable. I was puking daily, my joints ached and would wake me up, I couldn’t drink enough water, which made me feel guilty, I started feeling depressed (though I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life, I somehow thought pregnancy would be impervious to it, not realizing it can be a symptom), and then guilty for feeling depressed and miserable, every time I would puke, I felt defeated and like a bad mom for not getting enough water or food. I wasn’t a contributing member of our household team. I couldn’t cook, grocery shop - heck I could barely shower! And that gave me more guilt. I was pregnant? How could I be anything but joyful? I was angry and disappointed at myself for having the feelings I did. It was messy, & it was hard. I felt lonely and didn’t want to share my feelings because what the heck!then I got to my second trimester and I was CONVINCED and determined that it would be better. And it has been! But I’m still puking a couple times a week. I have to be really careful cause the littlest things will set it off. It’s 99% better than the first trimester, but again, isn’t the glorious experience I was expecting. I’m sharing all this to say, if you are pregnant, and maybe feeling lonely in your struggle (I know I did) that you aren’t alone. it’s not all fun bikini bump photos on a beach in Maui (the day after that photo was taken, I threw up & TMI it was so intense it came out of my nose and my sinuses were burning for hours after) it is a journey. one I wouldn’t trade, and I feel so lucky to be on. but that’s my story so far. one with lots of guilt, joy, sickness, and bliss. at Portland, Oregon


eighteen weeks - I can’t believe we are only two weeks away from being HALF WAY THERE! I can’t wait to meet our little lovey. photo : @lolabell #18weekspregnant #growingbaby #pregnancy #babybump


I didn’t unpack today. Or do laundry, or clean my house. that’s what I would usually do after getting home from a trip. Instead I slept for 14 hours, and then laid in bed all day resting. It’s crazy how different my body is since getting pregnant. not the shape or size (that’s crazy too) but adjusting to new limitations, and realizing I can’t do what I normally do at my normal speeds. today was good, and I’ll take tomorrow easy too. thanks body for staying strong and letting me enjoy a full and wonderful few days in Hawaii. now I’ll take care of you! drone photo cred : @imredryan photos of me cred : @lolabell


loving these special moments adventuring with my little lovey. photo : @lolabell #17weekspregnant #growingbaby #maui #hawaii #travel #wanderwell #growinglittlelovey at Maui Hawaii


spending each evening by the beach has been so fun. Hawaii, you are great. #maui #hawaii #travelphotography #wanderwell at Haiku, Hawaii


seventeen weeks and we are bumpin’ in Maui. photo : @lolabell #maui #seventeenweeks #pregnant #growingbaby #growinglittlelovey at Haiku, Hawaii


happy October! gosh I love this month. this one will be full with so much fun, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s here! next weekend we get to cheer @stephaniebrookealexander on as she runs her first MARATHON (26.2 miles you guys. just the most amazing, tremendous thing) and I’ll have houseguests which I LOVE especially cause it’s @lolabell + @gabbyvonigas + Oliver Wilde! plus, it’s Harry Potter time for me, the weather is magic, and everything is cozy. You can’t wipe this smile off my face! at Portland, Oregon


my feelings about being in my second trimester with our little lovey. to be honest, the first trimester was much harder to handle than I anticipated. morning sickness was far worse than I had ever imagined, and several other symptoms made it a rough several weeks. I’m finally feeling like me again, and oh so happy to have those first few months behind me. at Portland, Oregon

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