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just dreaming of the next time I can be in Copenhagen, strolling around these pretty streets.


a few of my favorite things for this summer weather include + flowy dresses + the perfect bag + all time favorite sunnies + some cute comfy shoes + fresh flowers + something pink + La Croix at Portland, Oregon


throwback to when we were here, having one of the best days at the Blue Lagoon with @hellomynameissarah + @danderson427


I know I say this at every season, but it’s the best time of the year you guys. flowers every where, sunshine, and a perfect 70° at Portland, Oregon


we made it home yesterday evening, and in order to stay awake till bedtime, I cleaned our home, unpacked, and did laundry. Now USUALLY when we’ve been on a trip, I come in, throw my bags on the floor, and conk out - so this was quiet the achievement! But now I have today to catch up on hydration, and rest my tired body. Good job, yesterdays jet lagged Abby. Good. Job.


sitting on the floor of an Iceland airport, scarfing down some food, and getting ready to board our next flight, which will take us straight home to beautiful Portland, and our lovely cats. While sitting here, I’m thinking over what a lovely trip this has been, and how thankful I am for travel. I would love to hear your favorite place you’ve traveled to, as I’m always looking to add new places to my ever growing list of dream cities and countries to visit! What should I add, friends? at Keflavik International Airport


oh Oslo. one thing I kept saying over and over as we walked around this city the past few days was “Oslo is so cool” and by golly I stand by that. I can’t describe exactly what makes it feel so cool - maybe it’s a vibe, or the mixture of modern and old, whatever it is, I have enjoyed visiting, and I plan on coming back to Norway someday for sure. #mooreaseal at Oslo, Norway


today is our last day of the trip, and so we are balancing taking it slow to prep for the journey home, and making the most of the time we have left in lovely Oslo. for now we are leaving our flat in search of food, and aiming to be back in time to be able to pack leisurely. at Oslo, Norway


our bodies weren’t cooperating today (mine particular) this pesky rib popped back out of place, so we took it easy, got take out, and enjoyed our @airbnb while watching The Three Amigos. then we got to hang with fellow Portlanders @forestandfield and talk about everything from health, to travel. tomorrow, we sauna and I’m SO excited to have these tense, tired travel muscles loosen up in that heat. till then, zzzz at Oslo, Norway


*long personal post* last week, days before this trip, I was rushing around trying to finish up all my work, and run all my errands. time seemed too little, and I was already sleepy. then I got word that my dads estranged father was very ill. and for the first time in my life, my dad was going to go see him. I had felt the loss of him in my life over the years, and always ached for a relationship with grandparents (it just so happened to work out that I never had a relationship with any of them) I had some bitterness, and resentment, and a general feeling of “it’s your loss mister - I would have been an awesome granddaughter”. luckily, my very wise husband encouraged me to make the trip to see him. He was in California, which is so close to us, so it would be fairly easy. I agreed, but on the pretense that I would be there only to support my parents. due to time trouble aforementioned, I was only with him for a few hours, but oh how grateful I am for those hours. there were so many tears, and so much healing. he apologized for the absence, and when he realized I was his granddaughter, his face lit up in the biggest smile, as if to say “you would be an awesome granddaughter”. I learned from my aunt, that up until his leg was amputated in the last few years, he would wake up every morning and run, and that he loved to garden. It may be me grasping, but I feel connected to him now in my love for running, and caring for plants. take those opportunities, try to restore relationships - where once there were feelings of rejection and bitterness, I now feel peace, and love. there is truly no such thing as a lost cause.


this morning we soaked up our last minutes in this cute cute @airbnb, then in the afternoon, we hopped on a bus, and now we are in Norway! we are excited to explore Oslo and see what the city has for us! #thatsdarling #wanderwell #traveloften #happytraveler at Oslo, Norway


cities with canals or rivers winding through them almost always capture my heart. #copenhagen #wanderwell #travellover at Copenhagen, Denmark

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