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Still Selling Dope 🧜🏼‍♂️


Y’all got me fucked up 😂😂


Things to do in a hotel besides have sex


I would like to formally announce that I am leaving Team 10


I’m sure you’ve all noticed I love telling these stories. I meet a rapper early on when they’ve got nothing and then 6 months or a year later they’re famous and rich and everyone knows their songs. Up until a couple days ago if you asked me about Lil Peep, I would have gushed over how I met him and how far he’s come and how many people loved him. Unfortunately as the clock ticks and time goes by, all of these stories become more complicated. Peep’s career took the saddest turn imaginable a few days ago and while nobody really knows what to make of it (myself included) I hope everyone affected by his death can at least take this as a time to take a long hard look at how recklessly we’re all living. Nobody lives forever and I don’t want to lose anyone else earlier than we have to. Love you Peep ❤️


What do we do?


Ima show you, baby I was chosen


Y’all gotta show Florida some respect


after i dropped out of harvard i became a vegetarian so i can eat none of that candy shit at ONSOMESHlT


Tap the 3 dots next to this photo and turn my post notifications on. First comment on everything I️ post gets entered into a raffle to win my cat and my girlfriend 😈


@famousdex album on the way ✈️😈 peep my cameo!!



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