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@Khalif Diouf (stage name: Le1f) is a rapper and producer that has garnered attention for their unique and subversive musical and performance styles. As an advocate for freedom of expression, Khalif believes that people should say and do whatever they want, regardless of what others think. Shop the iconic #SUPERSTAR now.


Founding member of The Skate Kitchen, Rachelle Vinberg (@rachellevinberg), hopes that her visibility within the skate community inspires girls to join the scene. A strong believer in living in the moment, being open and unguarded, and letting whatever happens, happen. A classic, the #SUPERSTAR in stores now.


Body positivity activist Barbie Ferreira (@barbienox) is passionate about inclusion and representation for all regardless of body type, gender, sexuality or race. She aspires to be a role model for young girls, showing them they too can do whatever they want, despite society telling them otherwise. The #SUPERSTAR is available now, 🇺🇸 tap the tag icon to shop 🛍.


An exposition of 3-stripes history, told through the eyes of a world that was exactly the same, and yet somehow, totally different. The Adistar Comp A//D transporting to another dimension September 21st.


Entering a parallel dimension, we find that the two worlds are virtually identical, with the exception of minor aesthetic differences. The Twinstrike A//D, beaming in September 21st.


Everything is the same and yet everything looks different. The Parallel Dimension Adistar Comp A//D + TwinStrike A//D arrive at warp speed September 21st.


Fusing beauty, comfort and wearability the @Overkillshop x @Fruition_shop #EQT Lacing and #TUBULAR doom arrive for pre-release September 23rd at @Overkillshop and @Fruition_shop at global Consortium stores September 30th. Illustration by @sophiemoates #SNEAKEREXCHANGE


For the first time a #TUBULAR will feature #SNEAKEREXCHANGE, alongside the always evolving #EQT. Available for pre-release September 23rd at @Overkillshop and @Fruition_shop at global Consortium stores September 30th.


Announcing the first female-exclusive #SNEAKEREXCHANGE between @Overkillshop and @Fruition_shop. Collaborating to create two silhouettes with a rebellious edge. Available for pre-release September 23rd and at global Consortium stores September 30th.


Curated by @gary.aspden the latest #SPEZIAL collection, features clothing and footwear deeply rooted in to sport, music and culture. Arriving in stores September 22nd.


This season #SPEZIAL sees the introduction of the Lapskaus tracksuit. An understated collection defined by the wearer’s individual style, arriving in stores September 22nd.


#SPEZIAL effortlessly blends authentic details from our archives with a modern and sophisticated design aesthetic. Arriving in stores September 22nd. Curated by @gary.aspden.

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