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Model. California. AVM Survivor. | Kitten Agency. #aerincreer

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‪Earlier today this kid at AMC asked me what flavor pizza I wanted and I was like “what did you say?” And he repeated himself and I was just like “toppings?” And he was like “yeah I didn’t know how to say it” and now I’m up thinking about It because wtf have we been saying??‬ I’m confused because he’s technically not wrong but he’s also sooo not right. Don’t we just ask what toppings to put on?? Lmfaoo I’m like really tripping because wtf you really asked me for a pizza flavor?? I’m just like????????


Looked over the edge and was like, naaah son.


To piggy back off of my last post, people are asking for color theory. I’ve been really TRYING to do It but I just genuinely wear enough color to make the posts consistently. What if I made posts like this as well? Hmm lmk


Is there any content you want or miss seeing from me? Lmk


Comment your favorite color using an emoji. Mine is 💓


Such a cold day


Such an angel with a devilish angle


Just me and my Barbie dimensions out here glowing and whatnot


She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad. She bad.


Baby girl how you doin where yo mans? at Oakland, California




I just want people to believe in me like my last name tells them to. Thank you @shopdopegirlsclub for the great custom gift 😝💓

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