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Better mount those carving skis for the park, baby. @spyderactive @cubuffsfreeskiing Big Mountain

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Autumn equinox means it’s almost winter 🤪 Also @level1 ‘s wold premiere of Zig Zag is happenin’ in Denver tonight, so hit that up! at Autumn Equinox


Ahhhh, nothing like a dirty lens to make you feel like a pro, amiright? at New Mexico


Sat down and pulled some photos off my camera finally, so sorry for all the posts at Gunnison, Colorado


I used to have a lot of nightmares about cross country and gymnastics. Now I have a lot of nightmares about losing my skis at comps. I think the REAL nightmare though is missing this back home. at Gunnison, Colorado


It’s hotter in Boulder than it is in the desert. at Ghost Ranch


CU’s football team is better than CSU’s, and the Freeskiing team is better than the football team. You do the math. at Rocky Mountain Showdown


There were less mosquitoes than I thought there’d be. at Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania


Rob keeps trying to convince me the stars are better in PA than NM. He’s not succeeding. at Ghost Ranch


Guess where guess where


Moody to not be in New Mexico™️


Well, now my time in New Mexico is coming to a close. I had a great view, some dope coworkers, got paid to go kayaking everyday, worked on a movie (look out for Corporate Animals and my license plates on Demi Moore’s Porsche), and got to meet Ed Helms and an Italian astronaut. Sooo, do I have to leave? at New Mexico


Oh, that’s right. Forgot about that. at Abiquiu, New Mexico

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