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Better mount those carving skis for the park, baby. @spyderactive @cubuffsfreeskiing Big Mountain

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Soon at Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania


The views from my porch this summer were better than drinking my coffee over shirtless men playing die. @sencorygardner at Ghost Ranch


Did you know that of our current 100 US senators, 53 are climate change deniers? I would speculate that a lot of them don’t get outside very often, like our bud Theodore Roosevelt, pictured here with John Muir. That’s why every time I post a cool photo of the outdoors I’m going to start tagging an elected official, in the hopes that they see nature and get inspired to love our planet the way I do. Will it make a difference? Probably not, as the issue is a lot more complex than that and involves international as well as domestic actors, but it can’t hurt! Regardless of your political ideology, I think we can all agree that our planet is awesome and I encourage you all to start loving it ❤️ @realdonaldtrump at Yosemite National Park


In the desert there were scorpions and spiders. In Colorado there’s homework and spiders. Guess which I prefer. at Ghost Ranch


Missing mystical moments in the woods w @hope.cool #alliteration at New Mexico


Our friendship is based entirely on wearing Baggies at Pennsylvania


When you watch a ski movie and can’t stop thinking about all the sick skiing you think you’re gonna do this season but you actually can’t because you’re not Tatum Monod at Beartooth Highway


Autumn equinox means it’s almost winter 🤪 at Autumn Equinox


Ahhhh, nothing like a dirty lens to make you feel like a pro, amiright? at New Mexico


Sat down and pulled some photos off my camera finally, so sorry for all the posts at Gunnison, Colorado


I used to have a lot of nightmares about cross country and gymnastics. Now I have a lot of nightmares about losing my skis at comps. I think the REAL nightmare though is missing this back home. at Gunnison, Colorado


It’s hotter in Boulder than it is in the desert. at Ghost Ranch

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