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Entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant. Follow me as I grow my business from $1 million to $100 million sales. I’ll be giving and asking for guidance.

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Just finished reading Turn the Flywheel by the great Jim Collins. It’s worth picking up as a companion book to Good to Great. He has some great diagrams in here and examples of flywheels working. Did my first full vlog on YouTube. You can find a link in my profile. #jimcollins #goodtogreat #flywheel


Short-ish walkthrough of all of the office plants. 100+ of them


So pumped for @jooliedaley maternity leave! Feels pretty special to celebrate another milestone with you! Thanks for working with me all these years 😃


Our first place. Going to be a beauty. #5010


Set a goal this year that I would start vlogging every day. I admit, it’s been a struggle for me because I sincerely fear not looking good and by extension of that I real fear of being misunderstood which ties back to the first fear. So I bought this calendar which I’ll explain in of course, a video post. I’ll start slow on instagram stories here and we’ll see where it goes when I find my stride. But my goal really is to help others here and reach out for help, specifically entrepreneurs and those that want to be.


My good friend @joel.primus and his wife @jannaprimus just unveiled a really amazing project they are working on @raisingglobalcitizensfilm follow along with them #bigspoon


Spent my 35th birthday in Morocco today. Bought 20 more carpets than we needed. 📷 @maebejames


Have had my head down the last year building a great team at our accounting firm, ACM. Got to share my vision with the team up at Grouse and have started the process of distributing leadership and management. Super pumped for what 2019 is going to bring. Special thanks to Zoë for putting up with my many nights slept at the office and Julie who cancelled her vacations twice to support our growth from 2 to 9 people right now. Couldn’t have done it without you both.


Just launched our travel dress on Kickstarter! @kosantravel


Tons of people involved in our next campaign but no more important to me than my beautiful girlfriend Zoë . She is an immense, immense creative talent. Produced our photoshoot with @thomas.bullock . Is the driving force behind all of our newly edited photos @kosantravel had huge huge influence in shaping the dress to what it is. Can’t wait for the world to see more of your talents Zoë. 😘


We’ve had a lot of fun making a travel dress for our next Kickstarter @kosantravel it launches in just a couple of weeks!


It’s here. And getting funded quickly. Thanks for all the love and support. You can pledge here: