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Some pictures from my Healing Hanukah Candle Lighting Meditation during our Hanukah party @kabbalahla. @danielnaor shared one of my favorite Hanukah teachings: “As I speak to you,” Rav Brandwein said, “gaze at these flames, tiny, silent, glowing. Sometimes dancing, vulnerable yet always reaching upwards. Each of you is like a flame because you posses an energy that continually reaches upward, and that is your soul. Let yourself feel your own flame, a flame that wants to touch something that is higher, richer, deeper. That is the flame of your true self that can never be extinguished. On the day of hanukah... we take the opportunity to feel the Light of The Creator that burns more brightly then ever.” Take some moments with these flames. #happyhanukkah #kabbalah #kabbalahcentre #candlelight #soul at The Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles


“How To Heal Your Heart...” join me Tuesday 12/4/18 @kabbalahla @7pm ❤️ #kabbalah #heart #love #losangelesevents #laevents #spirituality


“The #soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul.” #alanwatts #spiritguidance #spirituality


Join me weekly at @kabbalahla, Wednesday mornings @10am for Coffee & Consciousness. @daniel.naor72 #mornings #kabbalah #spirituality #light #consciousness *also streamed live and recording available via membership @kabbalahcentre!


Your prayers are needed!!! First a shooting, Now the fires. Please, do whatever possible to send energy and light and help and support to our world right now. I’ll be doing a Zohar reading live on Instagram and Facebook, stay tuned... 💔 #shootings #fires #worldpeace


I’m welcoming in the #newmoon of #sagittarius with a day full of #miracles, what about you? (Hint: Use the Samech & Gimel symbols in this video to activate the magical powers of this magical month!) ❤️🌈♐️ Love, Alison


Take a few moments today with this image and receive the wisdom and gifts from this magnificent animal... even try chanting “I Am Sacred. I Am Pure.” That’s what I did this morning, thank you beautiful, majestic, peacock! 🙏 #spiritanimals #peacock #spirituality #chants #mantras


“Whatever we are desiring in our heart is that which we shall receive”. -The Zohar #heart #soul #kabbalah #zohar #spirituality #consciousness


@ashke72 ”Today, happens to be the 100th year anniversary of Rav Ashlag meeting his teacher. A day to focus on expanding our deep soul desires and humility. You can read more here from this translation of Rav Ashlags Letter: “On the 12th day of Mar-Cheshvan (Scorpio), which was the morning of the sixth day of the Shabbat (Friday), a man came to me. I found out that he was a greatly wise man with an amazing knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and also of other wisdoms. And at the very outset of his conversation, I felt and tasted that he had in him The Creator’s wisdom. All his words were said with an overt abundance of self esteem (ego). I, nevertheless, believed in him with all my senses and all my being. He promised to reveal to me the true wisdom in it’s entirety and I studied with him, at his house, every night after midnight, for almost three months. The majority of what we studied was on the ways (values) of Holiness and purity. And every time, I pleaded with him to reveal to me a secret from the wisdom of Kabbalah. He would start with some opening remarks and he never continued. This obviously produced in me tremendous yearning. This went on till once, following a great pleading on my part, he complemented one secret for me and my joy was endless. Since that moment, I started taking myself a little too seriously and as my ego grew so did my Holy Teacher, of Blessed Memory, keep his distance from me. I did not even take notice of that. This carried on for three months till finally, in the last few days, I could never find him at home. I searched for him and could not find him. That is when I realized that he had actually alienated himself from me. I felt great sorrow and started improving my ways. And on the ninth day of Nissan, in the morning, I found him and pacified him a lot concerning what I had done, and he was conciliated, in the same manner that he was previously. He revealed to me a great and comprehensive secret concerning a Mikveh (a ritual bath) that was measured and found lacking. My happiness was obviously above my head. Yet, his speech seemed to me to be getting weaker and I did not leave his house again." (see more below) 📷 @karen.berg


My husband, Yehuda, gifted me with a secret from The #Zohar, I felt immediately that it was a gift from The Universe for me to share with all of you. To connect you can simply scan the letters highlighted in the image above. The loose translation reads: “And from now on, I promise you, these 2 types of judgements will depart from you and “Your God Like Abilities” will shine to You in completion, they will illuminate to you with the sweetness of the cleaving.” This explanation above is connected to verse 31 from Zohar Lech Lecha. The image of the text is from the #zohar from The @kabbalahcentre and specifically of Rav Ashlags Commentary of The Zohar. The magical part is that this commentary is actually a part that is revealed that seems to be BEYOND the Aramaic text / translation coming from The Zohar! It seems that Rav Ashalg has “added” a special #BLESSING From The Creator as a message to Avraham, and when you read this it’s feels like a gift, a #promise to YOU, through Rav Ashalag as a message from The Creator! #kabbalah #secrets #spirituality #ravashlag


The New Moon of #Scorpio. Harness The #Power. Watch my instastories for a #meditation exercise that will support you to plant #lifechanging seeds of positivity this month.


“I used to think Freedom meant doing whatever you want. It means knowing who you are, what you are supposed to be doing on this earth, and then simply doing it.” — #NatalieGoldberg #simplicity #lifeswork #freedom #write


This morning we were listening to affirmations by @jameswedmore and this one popped out: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 🙏 and that ladies and gentlemen just about sums up where I’m at... I’ve been busy these past few months, busy with healing meditations and songs to share and give away... to all of YOU. ❤️ With Gratitude. #picasso #meaningoflife #meditation #kabbalah #purpose #affirmations


“Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.” -Peter Ustinov 💛💛💛💛 #Forgiveness #love #kabbalah #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #meditation #spiritualwork


Last week I was privileged to take part in an extraordinary experience called the @danceofliberation. I’m still processing the power of the meditative blindfolded sacred dance (that’s a mouthful!) that I experienced. A dance which was beautifully presented as a path of prayer, as a way to reach deep inside myself and activate my souls voice. Grateful for @karen.berg who invited @danceofliberation to @kabbalahla and to @mrsoulsista for your perseverance! It took almost 2 years and it finally happened and you were right... 1. the experience was so special (I’m sorry I’m being so vague but words just aren’t doing it justice) and 2. I ❤️’d every moment of it! 🙏 What I can say is that SELF- CARE IS SO IMPORTANT, we must must just make time to take care of our bodies and our minds and our souls. #selfcare #sacreddance #meditation #spirituality #kabbalah


Join me and @davidghiyam for our “Looking Forward” seminar on Wednesday, August 22nd at 8pm @kabbalahla ❤️


I’ve created a course for the @insight app for their growing community of 5 million meditators (and what an “insightful” journey it has been!) This Discovering Kabbalah ‘micro course’ is a great intro to Kabbalah filled with the basic rules and tools for your souls journey that I teach at the @kabbalahcentre. To join me simply click on the link in my bio 🤲

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