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need a spectacular (FREE!) family activity on sunday evening? lucy would love to see you in narnia. ❤️ . the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe briarwood presbyterian church sunday, december 8, 7pm (free admission)


a) because she wants to be just like her big sisters 🥰 b) because we could all use a light-hearted giggle after “undone” 😉


undone • a series on grief . who knows how long she stayed there, desperately fighting to have it all make sense. the sorrow ripping at her heart was every bit as palpable as the splintered floor that was tearing at her knees. how could this ever be good? how would his promises come to pass? . then with the gentleness of a fresh lamb’s mew and the boldness of a lion’s pursuit, a truth she’d learned long ago began to stir. at first it flickered like a single piece of glitter forgotten in a carpet. but the more she gazed at it - the more she fought to keep her eyes focused on that tiny light - the bolder and brighter it became. the light began to challenge the darkness, “you have no place here. i’ve already claimed her as mine!” . over time, her grief became a gardener of hope. peace crowded out the turmoil in her mind, and nightmares slowly gave way to rest. her most treasured thoughts became of the day when his finale of promises would be fulfilled. . “look! god and his children are together again. no more running away. or hiding. no more crying or being lonely or afraid. no more being sick or dying. because all those things are gone. yes, they’re gone forever. everything sad has come untrue. and see – i have wiped away every tear from every eye. I AM MAKING EVERYTHING NEW.” (the jesus storybook bible, sally lloyd-jones) . then on that day and every day of forever, she will bow before him in worship, the grief she once knew eternally UNDONE.


undone • a series on grief . Be still. Remember. Hope. . “i will remember the lord’s works; yes, i will remember your ancient wonders. i will reflect on all you have done and meditate on your actions. god, your way is holy. what god is great like god? you are the god who works wonders; you revealed your strength among the peoples. with power you redeemed your people, the descendants of jacob and joseph.” -continued from psalm 77 . “i am still confident of this: i will see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living. wait for the lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the lord.” -psalm 27:13-14


undone • a series on grief . as a ravenous darkness threatened to consume her, she stumbled with anguish toward a familiar place. . she’d come to this majestic seat countless times, always pausing her steps to maintain a reverent distance from its inhabitant. but this time wasn’t like any of the others. in her distress, she forgot religious formality and, instead, furiously clambered to the top of the chair. whereas she had before raised her hands in honor of the one seated high above her, she now sat intimately close and clutched his clothing with white knuckles, desperate to hear that his promises hadn’t been a lie. with a boldness that both shocked and terrified her, she began to question, “will the lord reject forever and never again show favor? has his faithful love ceased forever? is his promise at an end for all generations? has god forgotten to be gracious? has he in anger withheld his compassion?” . then revealing a whisper that she’d heard in the darkness, she confessed, “i am grieved that the right hand of the most high has changed.” . completely emptied of herself, she then collapsed onto the chest of I AM. . . . (verses quoted from psalm 77:7-10 CSB) . . . . . . . . . . . #grief #griefjourney #griefsupport #griefandloss #infantloss #childloss #depression #mentalhealth #divorce #spousaldeath #widow #widower #domesticabuse #abuse #suffering #sufferinginsilence #ballet #ballerina #dance #art #death #sufferingwithhope #psalm77


undone • a series on grief . with a violent storm of turbulent emotions building inside her, a scream of anguish erupted like a fierce volcano from deep within her gut. most of her cries echoed off the decaying walls and ran rampant back through her mind. every once in a while, though, her voice escaped through the window into a cordial, shiny world outside. like a pigeon carrying its message, the most deafening sound she could imagine returned. silence. . . . . . . . #grief #loss #infantloss #childloss #death #divorce #domesticabuse #abuse #suffering #sufferinginsilence #widow #widowlife #widower #honest #raw #lightandshadow #ballet #ballerina #dance #art #artistic #griefquotes #griefsupport #griefjourney #griefandloss


undone • a series on grief . she collapsed onto the floor, overtaken by a sorrow too heavy to bear. the foundation beneath that had once been so sure and stable began to give way, and piece by broken piece, the walls fell to the floor until nothing was left but the hollow shell of what once was. . the house and her heart, one and the same. . . . . . . #grief #loss #infantloss #childloss #death #ballet #ballerina #balletpose #dance #art #photography #raw #honest #suffering #sufferinginsilence #suffering #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #t1diabetes #t1diabetes #lightandshadow #heart #dexcom #dexcomg5 #dexcomwarrior #type1warrior


of all the dancers in the world, these two make my mama heart spill over with all.the.feels. 🥰 . . . #worldballetday #worldballet #balletworld #worldballetday2019 #balletpose #ballet #turnout #pointe #sisters #ballerina #dance


BEST friends make the BEST homecoming dates ❤️❤️❤️


i can’t, for the life of me, figure out how she got big enough to go to homecoming. ❤️


the sunlight on the unhurried river reflected the glitter of a thousand diamonds. she wandered the river’s verdant edge and found herself lost in creation’s symphony of praise. . . #shotsfordiabetes