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When life gives you a hundred reasons to breakdown and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh. Always remember, good days give you happiness & bad days give you experience.


Middle aged dudes boarding on microscopic jibs. They have part time jobs, don’t all live with their parents and still found the time to film for a couple days last winter. Featuring Andrew Milleker, Connor Copithorn and Kurtis Rothecker. Hey if you’re looking for a park crew for the mini park we’re under qualified but have okay attitudes.


The weird and interesting mono lake. Sadly water levels have gotten so low that it’s really not great to shoot anymore. Have a good weekend!


I just want to apologize for not posting that much new stuff here the last months. I’m quite busy with some bigger landscape/aerial projects which can be found on my other account pretty soon: @kevin.krautgartner Although this shot is from a recent trip to Spain.


Long overdue


My latest cover, this time it’s the December 2019/January 2020 issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine! I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this institution.


Appartamento in vendita a Firenze, 1.500.000€ #CasaDelGiorno Clicca sulla nostra descrizione per vedere altre case come questa (Puoi anche trovare questo immobile digitando nel tuo browser)


Wish you a nice weekend - Enjoy the sun . . . . #officialfanofberlin #thattoweragain #berlinerfernsehturm


Winter Waterfall Wednesday 💦❄️


📐🍢 nhow amsterdam RAI hotel designed by #raihotel #amsterdam #oma #architecture #waf #architecture #rai


Hans Vredeman de Vries, The Book of Perspective, 1604-05 . “The Book of Perspective”, published simultaneously in French, Latin, Dutch and German, is one of the most celebrated works by painter turned architect Hans Vredeman de Vries. Intended both as a manual and as a collectable item, Vredeman de Vries proclaimed the book to be “for all painters, engravers, sculptors, metalworkers architects, designers, masons, cabinetmakers, carpenters, and all the lovers of the arts who wish to apply themselves to this art with greater pleasure and less pain”. A series of increasingly complex engravings illustrate the book and acknowledge the influence of architectural masters Vitruviuis, Sebastiano Serlio and Jacques Androuet du Cerceau. . Collector Mark J. Millard wrote about the work: . “What makes this book so visually compelling is Vredeman's geometric emphasis and restraint, which results in an almost eerie sequence of unpopulated rooms and courtyards displaying his flair for compositional forms. The classical language in which his architecture is clad thus becomes timeless in its character" . More images and info in . A Series of Rooms is a collection of domestic spaces - an exploration into the imaginary of the housing archetype - as portrayed in art, media and human studies. . Curated by @bonelldoriga . #aseriesofrooms #documentingspace #domesticity #hansvredemandevries #perspective #architecturedrawing #architecture


Fridays 💚✨


@zahahadidarchitects has shared the first images of the completed ‘changsha meixihu international culture & arts centre’ — a spectacular complex in #china, which comprises a contemporary art #museum, an 1,800-seat theatre, and a multipurpose hall. the project’s organic architectural language is defined by the pedestrian routes that weave through the site to connect with neighboring streets. images by @virgilebertrand_hk_photo more on #designboom! #architecture #zahahadid


Hello 👋 Mr. Corn 🌽 #latergram #jolainindonesia #balinesefood #visitbali


Did you know black dogs tend to sit in a shelter 4x longer than light colored dogs? Some perceive black dogs to be mean, harder to photograph, or just “average” looking. @paradisepomsky is one of many I’ve met this year that proves Black Dog Syndrome is just ridiculous! #blackdogday