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You are not your problems. You have them. Which is an entirely different thing. If we think that we are what we don’t like in our lives it will be close to impossible to get rid of those things. To grow out of it. Furthermore, it will be hard to love ourselves completely as we identify with our problems and shortcomings in our past. We wrongly think that we are whatever that went wrong in our lives. Thus we will even expect to experience those things again and again. Like it’s a part of our being that we just have to accept. Wrong. We are not our failures, or undesirable personality traits. We may have experienced them on a regular basis, but as long as we don’t accept them as a part of who we are, we are the ones in control to change that pattern. #writtenbyamandalinnea #youarenotyourproblems #nevernotdancing 💃🏼 #lovinglife


Another fav exercise 🍑🔥 (watch until the end 💃🏼🤣)


What’s up Stockholm at Stockholm, Sweden


Happy Friday my loves. Always remember: no rain no flowers 💐








Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane 🌞


My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage yesterday. 40 years. On the card to my mom my dad wrote ”Through good and bad we’ve made it together. I haven’t always been perfect, but you have”. It was so beautifully written that it made me cry. I can relate to his words. My parents are each other’s opposites in many ways, yet they are the best team I’ve ever met. My mom is the calm one and my dad is the dramatic, intense, and driven-by-emotions one. I’m very much like my dad and I just hope to find someone one day that won’t try to change me, just like my parents never tried to change one another. They show so much patience for each other’s unique personalities, they give each other space to be who they are, and I truly believe that’s one of the secrets to a long-lasting marriage. After all these years they are still so different, they never gave up on who they are as individuals, and at the same time they’ve created a ”We” that’s so strong. It’s beautiful to get to experience this 2018.

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