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🎓Master of Laws • Legal Counsel • Entrepreneur Passionate, life-loving, lived in 4 countries ✉️ 📍STHLM/ NYC

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I don't only take care of my body. Taking care of my mind is just as important. I read books focusing on creating a positive mindset daily. I think good thoughts about myself and others daily. And now I've finally started meditating. 15 minutes every evening is what it takes to feel light as a feather afterwards. Focus all of your attention on your breathing, that's how you manage to stay here and now, which helps you find an inner peace. Even though I have big career related goals, the realest success to me is happiness. Having an inner peace, sleeping amazing at night, and waking up grateful in the morning. I've always been a very happy person, but I've never felt happier than I do 2017 and it's all because of the effort I put into and the investments that I do in myself and my mind. ⭐️ #investinyourself




Not a typical #Monday post. It's from Salzburg a month ago. After months of 100% focus I finally feel like going out dancing soon. Been soo long! As you know I don't drink often but my choice the few times I drink: Espresso Martini or Champagne. 💯


Living life my way is the best decision I've ever made 👑 #nevernotdancing


Today's look is 100% Amanda 🖤 #fashionista and #lawyer and #entrepreneur 👑


Only the best is good enough✨💫 at Stockholm, Sweden


A little bit of everything for your body 😈💪🏼 #homeexercises


Coming home to hot coffee when you've been out walking all day ☕️✨


Pyjamas is on & tacos is on its way - perfect Friday night in 💕


This work week has made me exhausted, but as always when I keep myself busy I'm the happiest deep within. But I'm looking so much forward to this weekend. Will leave my office in 3...2....1 🎉


Some women are once in a lifetime kind of women. There is no upgrade after them. (Look at my dad ❤️) at Salzburg, Austria


Left my comfort zone completely today and really challenged myself. I had 0 time to prepare, 0 time to get nervous, instead I had to just go with it and give it all. It went so so well. With the right attitude nothing is impossible!!! #BossGirls 👑

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