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Thank you SO much to everyone for the birthday wishes today! I’m shedding a single thug tear at some of the messages I’ve been receiving ALL out of nothing, but feeling GRATEFUL. . There are many who don’t see 32 years to begin with & there are some who in 32 years have experienced a great amount of loss, disease, & tragedies.I am thankful to God because although no one’s life is perfect, He has kept me. I am blessed to have a sound body, a sound mind, and a sound spirit.I am truly blessed to not just know Him, but also know WHO I AM IN HIM. . In all my messages the thing that surprisingly kept coming up is “you're never afraid to be yourself.” I can’t even believe anyone thinks of me that way. . IT IS NOT EASY being yourself. It’s not easy being 32, single, with a bunch of student loans, when the world says you should be married, have five kids, and a big ole house. It’s not easy staying with your folks when the world says you should have your own house EVEN though you already have loans to pay. It's not easy using this super old selfie! 🤳🏿 It’s not easy saying what’s unpopular even if it’s true. It’s not easy being this beautifu-…lol just kidding. But seriously. It’s just not. . It’s not easy when your biggest enjoyments are God, church, and drinking tea, when the world says it should be clubbing and drinking Hennessy. Better yet it’s not easy when the world remembers you drinking Hennessy (well, not Hennessy, more like Ciroc) and wonders why you don’t want to anymore. It’s not easy to continue to love others who don’t look like you, speak like you, think like you, when it’s easier to just battle them. It’s not easy to lift others up when social media says it should always be about you shining. . It’s not always easy preaching "prayer works" when the world is saying “look around, where is your God." . Life isn’t easy & life is not always good BUT God always is! 🙌🏿 That is the only FACT I rest on no matter what my mind can understand or explain. So with every year my Maker blesses me with, I will use it to serve Him. I will not only use it to “be myself” (which is super dope btw lol) but to be who I am in Him!


[ M E L A N I N ] TO THE MAX!! ... #theLuxuryBrownExperience


The gorgeous @erynpaige and the (hand of) artist @meganmartistry . How STUNNING is this?!? 😍 #theLuxuryBrownExperience


🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 Artist @shozeh_makeup with @carola521 #theLuxuryBrownExperience


Artist @shiedhaokquane with her model @miss.cameroon Shiedha is also an owner of the company @hellooo.gorgeous and ummm their lip colors are BOMB!! #imshook #theLuxuryBrownExperience


Y'all! I've been getting my entire life! So proud of her! Check out my IG stories for some behind the scenes clips of #theLuxuryBrownExperience by @tiyanarobinsonbeauty! I'll be sharing clips throughout this entire weekend ❤


The artists MASTERED skin and foundation techniques on fair tones today! BEAT are they? Such a talented group of artists! Tomorrow they will take on 🍫🍫🍫🍫 I'll make sure to post some looks! ❤ #theLuxuryBrownExperience


It's the weekend of #TheLuxuryBrownExperience!! The ULTIMATE makeup boot camp! A weekend of #BOSSsisters, inspiration, makeup artistry, sharing, laughter, beauty of all shades, and luxury of course! 😉. . Led by my girl @tiyanarobinsonbeauty! The DMV's best artist (and I'm not pump faking).I've been a busy 🐝 working behind the scenes all day (which is why I haven't been able to post like I want to 🙈). . We're wrapping up Day 1 but make sure to stay tuned as I'll be sharing some behind the scenes of Day 2. . Also, keep checking the OFFICIAL HASHTAG #theLuxuryBrownExperience and also visit Tiyana's page! 💋 #Thankmelater


#fbfriday to when I was a model and sat my behind down for once! Lol. There was a lot of mixing and cooking to come up with my perfect shade but @steezxmachine did her thing at her one on one with @tiyanarobinsonbeauty . I think we ended up having to mix #William Tuttle and @ajcrimson foundations to get this. When a company comes out with a shade that I can use STRAIGHT out the tube both in shade AND formula then I'll be impressed. Until then ehh..and I'll continue to brag about @bobbibrown cuz her espresso shades have been the closest to date 💛


Ummmm it's #WCW and I HAVE to scream a 🗣HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this woman right here! @reneemadeulook ! Before it's too late lol An inspiration in my entire journey with my artistry! She may be tired of hearing it but I never get tired of expressing how much she helped me without even knowing it! I didn't even touch makeup until college guys, I was always told it just wasn't for me and I believed it. Renee did my makeup once and what she doesn't know is that same day was literally the first day of my life where everywhere I went , people were telling me how pretty I was! It was crazy! What she did for my confidence she'll never know! (Well until now lol). That sparked something in me not only as a consumer but as an artist! I wanted to deliver that same feeling to MANY other girls and women who felt like me! I dove into makeup so hard. And I continue to learn and strive for more! She's a mentor in my head and such an amazing talent! She's slaying the faces of some of your favorites y'all! If you're living under a rock, come out and follow her!


Hey❣️ Love ...because I love the Delfonics🎶 ...and I love this look! [Skin Details]👇🏿 Foundation: mixture of William Tuttle & @ajcrimson Contour: @makeupforeverofficial Flash palette (mixed some of the black) Bronzer: @sheamoisture4u mineral bronzer in "Dusk" Highlight: @blackopalbeauty stick foundation Loose Powder: @yslbeauty #4 Pressed Powder: @imancosmetics luxury pressed powder 💋 Hope everyone is having a great weekend! My plans = 👵🏿 lol


I can't wait to see what @vanessaevelynmakeup and @fashionfaircosmetics have been cooking up! I'm SO excited for this! I LOVE Fashion Fair. I can't think of anyone more INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE than Vanessa! (I'm a fan!) 🙌🏿 Fashion Fair has always been the line that's your mother's best beauty secret. The brand that all the beautiful, sophisticated, classy, and intelligent mature women of color wore; the Claire Huxtables and the Aunt Vivs (the first one of course 🙃) It's a line that's not only classic but RELIABLE! Because after all these years you, yourself grow up from playing in mom's makeup to finding and treasuring staple colors like KOLA and SABLE 😍😍You grow up to realize just how much it speaks to you, how much it has loved you, and appreciated the skin that you're in, all this time!! #ItsNoLongerASecret 😉 #FashionFairCosmetics #FashionFair #Noitsnotanad #Ijustloveitthatmuch 📸Photocred: @vanessaevelynmakeup


SKIN by @blackopalbeauty in "Ebony Brown" 🍫 LIPS by @lashesbylena -matte liquid lipstick in the color "Orlando" 💋


I'll be honest, I LOVE @Blackopalbeauty on everyone else BUT me! I didn't like the darker shades of the stick formula because I found it to be too yellow with almost a greenish tint when I wore it. (I'm used to this though my undertone isn't the easiest to match. ) So when they added some new shades to the line I decided to give "Ebony Brown" a try, and ummm I was PLEASANTLY surprised. The shade, coverage, and undertone has been one of the closest to my skin without me having to mix. I think I'll revisit the cream formula in this shade. What are some of your opinions on it??


@vyndsen shared their 🖐🏿☝🏿 MUST HAVE lip liners from @maccosmetics and I couldn't agree more! In my opinion, you don't need to buy a matching lip liner with EVERY lipstick you buy. Ain't nobody got time for that! With these, you can create ANY lip look you want! Check out their blog for more! 💋 #ThankMeLater


MELANIN CRUSH MONDAY !!|isn't @godiva_n absolutely stunning? Don't sleep on organic food stores! My good friend @missdunnieo has never been shy to say that she met her hubby at Trader Joe's...well I didn't meet my husband (lol) but there was my new muse Nogaye! I wasn't shy to tell her how STUNNING I thought she was and about my Melanin to the Max movement with my artistry! We connected and this is one of the looks I created at my VIP day with @tiyanarobinsonbeauty 🙌🏿


I now see why "suede mocha" is such a popular foundation shade by @blackopalbeauty. I used it as a contour shade for @i_said_uhh and I love the natural warmth and dimension it adds to her face. ❤❤❤ #melaninmakeupdaily

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