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饾拏 饾拺饾拹饾拞饾挄饾拪饾拕 饾拺饾拹饾拪饾拸饾挄 饾拹饾拠 饾挆饾拪饾拞饾挊

饾悂饾悶饾悮饾惍饾惌饾惒 饾悽饾惉 饾悮饾惀饾惀 饾悮饾惈饾惃饾惍饾惂饾悵 饾惍饾惉, 饾悽饾悷 饾惏饾悶 饾悾饾惍饾惉饾惌 饾悳饾悮饾惂 饾惉饾悶饾悶 饾悽饾惌. J. S. Imbornone. Critico musicale e letterario, amo la fotografia. Acquista il mio libro su Brunori

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A picture of mine has been reposted Thank you very much! #Repost @phoenix_mission 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 Barletta . 馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟 鈥⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩ Phoenix_mission proudly presents the today's featured artist: 鈥⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩ . . 馃挮馃憠@ambrosiajsi 馃憟馃挮 . . . 馃敟馃挮馃敟馃挮馃敟CONGRATULATIONS 馃敟馃挮馃敟馃挮馃敟 . Thank you for sharing and tagging your wonderful pictures!! . Accepted tag #phoenix_mission . . . 馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟 . Photo chosen by: @aneccen @italiadoro_1_ . Founders/admins: @italiadoro_1_ @aneccen . 馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟 . . . 馃憠鈿狅笍 The photo with the most likes of a day (馃憠 We only count the likes of the next 24 hours after our daily posts! 馃憟), will get the chance to become the pic of the week!! Tell your friends to support you and to like your photo ! . Please only submit your own pictures, no internet or stolen photos! (We will check these by using Tineye). . Please take a little bit time, to check out also these amazing HUBS: @phoenix_italy @phoenix_hdr @phoenix_germany @through_the_travel_lens @through_the_details @made_world_hdr @club_hdr . . . 馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟馃憫馃敟 . . #phoenix_mission_ambrosiajsi