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πŸ™‹ These babies are becoming people's favorites now, especially The Total Control Mesh Cushion Foundation. Who's excited to know more about it? Click the link on my bio πŸ™†


πŸ’• Expectations lead to disappointments. Judging someone is a part of it. I mean, when someone judge you, they're unconsciously expecting you to be as bad as they just want you to be. Therefore, just stay calm and be yourself till the world itself that proves them wrong, cause you don't have to. And you have no business even just to show them about it. On the contrary, be good to them because they are wretched enough not to meet their expectations. #EAYwords #loveyourselfandlovepeople


πŸ‘€ It's no doubt that they have 10 shades that really match Indonesian woman's skin color 😍 The matte finish is so pretty and it's quite high in coverage! NYX Total Control Mesh Cushion Foundation, I'm in love! Click the link on my blog, the link is on my bio πŸ˜‰ @nyxcosmetics_indonesia @clozetteid #Clozetteid #makeup #Clozetteidreview #totallyincontrol #nyxcosmeticsid #NYXxClozetteIDReview #NYXxClozetteID


πŸ’ƒ Wearing batik never feels this awesome! Sebagai anak millenials, aku tau banget gimana kesannya pake batik itu 'formal banget', padahal ga kok. Contohnya @flikestore yang berhasil catches my heart sejak pertama kali aku liat produknya dan pakai. It's a super stylish one with the greatest material ever! Bangga jadi anak Indonesia, bangga pakai batik! ✌ . #flikestoresquad #amelitawears #amelitareviews #amelitareviewsfashion


πŸ™† Healthy hair never tastes this yummy! πŸ‘… Hot chocolate and chocolate milkshake, which one do you prefer? And as soon as you drink it, your hair grows faster & gets stronger. Hello, longer hair! βœ‹ . Get it only at @cocoalocksofficial β™‘


😱 This is really different! ECLA C-LITE is just having their grand launching at @bliblidotcom! Btw, their skin care series are making me go 'WOW'! First, they are all different at texture compared to other brands! 😱 Also, it brightens the skin as well as moisturizing it! Dermatology tested, it is really suitable for all skin types including the sensitive skin! Here is the series: - Brightening Facial Wash - Brightening Face Toner - Brightening Serum - Brightening Night Cream Watch the full vid here: (or click the link on bio) #discoverbrightskin #eclabeautybrightskin #BlibliFriendsMeetUp @eclabeauty @bliblidotcom


πŸ’« All the way wonderstruck. That was an enchanting moment, with all the sparkling lights surrounding all the passionate souls, united into one mesmerizing page of the beauty enthusiasts life journey. Thank you kak @anggarahman for the incredible #YSLbeautyhotel! πŸ’ƒ . @yslbeauty #YSLbeautyhotelid #YSLbeaute at Plaza Indonesia


πŸ’­ . Never say 'NO' for a chance. Say 'YES', then just think about it later. It's beter to try than wondering how if it happens. Never let yourself stay in a comfortable zone. #EAYwords #quotes #lifequotes


πŸ’• The only cure to a stagnant soul is leaving the comfort zone. And I think I'm leaving my comfort zones as much as I breathe my whole life. And that feels treacherous yet amazing. #EAYwords


πŸ’• Can't help but falling in love with October 21st, one of the loveliest ones are my super-natural makeup (πŸ˜›) & the robe I got from @selebu.robe! Love the design, love the material as well 😍 #ourwedding #weddingday #pwayjourney


πŸ’­ Yang namanya Psoriasis emang bersifat lifetime alias gak bisa bener-bener sembuh. Tapi penting banget buat diketahui dan diobati sehingga gak lanjut ke tahap selanjutnya. Apa sih psoriasis? Gimana gejalanya dan gimana mengatasinya? Yuk baca blog aku, link nya aku tulis di Bio 😊 . (ps. ini bukan iklan, I actually don't have to, tapi pingin kalian juga ter-educate aja ttg penyakit ini :))


😱 Another treasure wrapped in a package! Thanks @charis_celeb @hicharis_official for the Merzy Gel Eyeliner! 😍 I got the Bronze Brown and Black Color! (on my left eye is the brown one; on the right is the black). The brown is more natural, suitable for daily makeup! #charis #charisceleb #hicharis #merzy #merzyeyeliner


πŸ’• In the world full of darkness, let's find the light, absorb the power and impart it to others πŸ’« This is my halloween post as the one who doesn't celebrate it ✌


πŸ’« Bumped into the event where we are taught about skin types, how to take care of our skin, the knowledge of ingredients in skin care products, and other things about the skin with all other @bliblidotcom friends 😍 Anyways, Ecla C-Lite from @eclabeauty is specified for brightening the skin where, at the same time, moisturizing it. I love the face soap, toner, and night cream but super love to the serum! (that's why I purposely place the serum in the glass of pearls πŸ’• #discoverbrightskin #eclabeautybrightskin #BlibliFriendsMeetup at


πŸ‘— When you look after recognition, you will likely fall. Look after your what your inner says. Tells nothing, try to prove nothing. Until reality raises its presence, smiles to 'em and make them wide-eyed. And don't forget to always smile to life πŸ’• (Tap for the ootd details!)


πŸ‘€ Attending Kenzo La Collection Momento No. 3, love the ambience and it's such a superb new collection ❀ Thanks for having invited me @kenzo @sergeantkero 😍 at Kenzo Paris Boutique


πŸ’• Last night was awesome! Enjoying the night live music, I love the Alvin & I songs. So much fun watching the talkshow about how to plan a holiday, too. And the slide and style game was epic! πŸ˜› (will post the details on the blog soon!) πŸ˜‰ Thanks @kumparancom @tiketcom for having me! #kumpulpinggirkolam #tiketcomOTW


✌ Take Shine Fixence Mist from @keepcool_official @charis_celeb @hicharis_official wherever you go! It freshens and nourish the skin. It smells so soft you don't wanna miss it everyday! Also, my skin feels brighter after some times of usage, like really it helps the dull skin. After you finish doing your makeup, this mist will also make it perfectly fix! SHINE FIXENCEβ„’ MIST #KEEPCOOL #SHINEFIXENCEβ„’MIST #charisceleb @charis_official

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