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Anyone local have these pieces before I order them from the dealer?


Quick simple install done using customer supplied used kit with V2 management #amsautowerks #lexus #ls430 #airlift #airliftperformance #airliftv2 #viair #landyacht #bigbody


Firebird back on its way home to be fully assembled by its owner after receiving and full resto and color change to BMW Avus blue #amsautowerks #pontiac #firebird #bmwavusblau #avusblau #avusblue #spieshecker #glasurit #axalta #likeglass #outthegun #notsandedorbuffedyet at AMS Autowerks


Soo this car came in for rear wheel bearings and left with a S54 swap 😂😂 (no bullshit) swap supplied by the only guys I trust @mpartsworldwide engine got treated to new bearings, rod bolts, vanos rebuild, valve adjustment, new oil pump, water pump, thermostat, rollers, tensioner, headers, top and bottom reseal, clutch and flywheel, retains all stock functions down to brake pedal feel, retained ac, custom exhaust, and finished off with a badass alpha n tune from @rktunes ... this thing rips.. unlike most e30 builds/swaps out there we do ours to be driven, not just showed and parked, this car would have zero issues driving out to Cali tonight.. #amsautowerks #bmw #e30 #e30vert #s54 #s54swap #swapallthee30s #makinge30sgreatagain #clean #looksfactory #doneright #everythingworks #ontothenext3inline


Local preferred but will pay shipping if needed, all I have is a shell so need COMPLETE harness minus engine


What a time to be alive.... the balls on some of these fucks is unexplainable... so you steal a car from 20 miles away... plasti dip/wrap it, Throw some ugly as wheels on and you ridin? Casual as fuck on a Monday afternoon? 🤦🏻‍♂️ the Bronx on a leage of its own.. let’s help get this car back to @eddiefarcon


Today marks 10years that I walked away from a buinsess I helped create and start, a building that I half owned, and toxic partnership with nothing more then my tool box, my skill and vision of how a shop should have been ran an operated.. 10 years to the day started and opened AMS Autowerks, tho it was the hardest thing at the time to start a new buinsess, little money, recession, a ex partner doing everything in his reach to see me fail it was by far the best move I’ve done in my life to date.. some still see it as I was a victim in the situation but I see it everyday as a blessing cause the money I lost and got fucked for could never replace the lessons I learned in those 5 years.. i want to thank everyone that believed in me, supported me, through the years also want to thank those that pray for my downfall as both types are necessary for a person to keep pushing to be successfull, I promise to keep pumping out the cool builds y’all have come to expect from us in 2019 ( have a few surprises) and only personal goal I have is to own a building again since we’ve outgrown this location 9 years ago lol #amsautowerks #thankyou #newyear #sameoldme


Had the pleasure of working on @tsmj_2010 badass new toy.. amazing is the only way to discribe this car.. but of course I needed to sound as good as it looked so the full oem exhust setup was ditched and replaced with full titanium exhaust by @jcr_porsche fitment, quality, sound all A1... also swapped out the silver pull straps for what it should have came with yellow ones cause someone at Porsche was smoking that good shit when they did yellow belts, yellow deviated stitching but decided on silver door pulls 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️now enjoy they sound of this beast. # #amsautowerks #tristatemotorsports #porsche #gt3rs #miamiblue #jcrporsche #goals #sheascreamer


So happy for @sam_bluzilla on finally getting #bluzilla2.0 completed, was a long road for him but in the end was well worth it, car looks insane!! Glad to have been a part of the build.. also Killer photos by @tw__media #amsautowerks #nissan #r34gtrvspec #ztuned #nismo #godzilla


This right here should bring back a lot of memories to my OG heads, this that early 90’s Harlem, Washington heights shit.. you had one of these trunks you were the shit, usually accompanied by some deep dish hammers... happy to have grown up around this and be able to recreate it today.... #amsautowerks #bmw #e34 #m5 #the90s #ogshit #custom #oneoff #oldschool


Head on over to @bmw_hd_vw he’s having a give away. You can get a ticket for you for a friend for your dog 🤷🏻‍♂️ winner gets choice.

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