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This is my mom 💖 She had me when she was very young and as single mother so I respect her a lot for that. She is a classical ballet dancer and she created the N.1 official Ballet academy in Spain. With the profits, she founded several schools in India and helped so much in developing countries, impacting so many lives. She’s a free spirit (way more than me!) and lives life in her own terms. Until this day we still clash from time to time 😅 but no matter what, a mom’s love will always be simply irreplaceable. I love you forever mom 💖


Bad & Bougie 😜 at Beverly Hills, California


Expectations vs Reality of putting on a waist trainer with @tatianaburee 🤣 at Los Angeles, California


I love wearing a waist trainer while I work out! It increases the temperature of your body so you burn more fat plus it push you to keep a good posture 🙌🏼 And for sure the BEST quality ones are! Now 25% off during the whole weekend on the website and 30% off on!! Only until Monday! #luxxhealth #luxxbiz #waisttraining #waisttrainers #luxxdoll #blackfriday


It’s definitely sweater weather!! 🙆‍♀️Thank you @olivierbranford for always keeping my skin in good state even in the cold with all natural and vegan products 🙌🏼 at Tower Bridge


I don’t usually drink but I can never say no to a frozen strawberry margarita! 🍓🍹 at Altea, Spain


“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships”. Best Quote Ever. #striveforgreatness


On Sundays we wear pink 💁‍♀️ #sundayfunday #london #elancafe #fitzrovia at Èlan Cafe


I might not be at the beach but at least I can offer 20% discount in all @floripawear products including swimwear with the code: Andrea20 🎉 #floripawear #swimwear


I’m now all about the no makeup life thanks to taking care of my skin and putting it in hands of @olivierbranford 🙌🏼 All with natural and vegan products! ✅ If you are in London you need to go see him 👌🏻 #skincare #olivierbrandford at London, United Kingdom


Last bits of summer in London 🇬🇧 #thames #summer #londonbridge at Westminster


Working everyday on eliminating the bad ego 💫

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