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I was working at my laptop when I looked to the right out the window and ended up watching this storm roll in.... Or out.... Not sure what was going on but I enjoyed the view. at Deerfield Beach, Florida


Scroll through to see the rest of the pictures. A little while ago I was asked to make a bathtub tray by @hairbymonika.q and it worked out pretty great. The interest was surprising and I had requests for more. @kellins79 hooked me up with some reclaimed cedar wood that I was looking to use for a project. And..... Well.... Here we are. I made these trays 33" wide but they can be cut down if you have a sliding door on your tub. The rails on the bottom can be adjusted too. The great thing is that the piece used to prop up your phone or iPad can be tucked away on the bottom side of the caddy. I made a stack of these and i am selling them untill they're gone (mainly cause I'm out if this reclaimed cedar). 100% of the proceeds will go to the Vancouver food bank this year. They're able to stretch these dollars further then you or I can. DM, text, or call me if you're interested. at Richmond, British Columbia


Well I finally got around to making one of these bathtub rack/trays. Not exactly sure what it's called. Anyways, made of reclaimed cedar with spots for your candles and wine glass. I had a few requests for these with an iPad/book stand so I made it removable. If you flip through the pictures, you can see it tucks away on the bottom when not in use. This one is 33" wide and can be cut down to 26" for smaller tubs. I'll be making more till I'm out of cedar. Message me for info if you're interested. #dassbyandrew #bathtub #bathtubcaddy #bathtubrack #bathtubtray


Well, it's been a while. Oh hey look, I made myself one of those fancy mobile work benches. Just gearing up again. #dassbyandrew #thiscedarsmellsgood


When your neighbours catch wind you build planters....and they ask for something else. Here's my version of a permanent planter bed, this thing isn't moving. 4ft by 7.5ft and about 500kg of compost. #dassbyandrew #planterbed


So I guess I make planters too...... Needed a couple deep planters for our Japanese maples we got from the home show. #dassbyandrew #planters #cedarplanters #adventuresofshortribandtimbit


When you have some leftover scrap wood and find a bit of space between gutters for an herb garden. #dassbyandrew #herbgarden


Drop top.... Mountain top...... Just sight seeing in our backyard. #beautifulbritishcolumbia #blackcomb #adventuresofshortribandtimbit at Blackcomb, Whistler, British Columbia


Lake views and nose bleeds.......feeling relaxed though. #adventuresofshortribandtimbit at The Spa At Nita Lake Lodge


From east coast to west coast. Survived the ✈️....... #lobster


A pile of cedar, a truckload of compost, and a little bit of sweat equates to 25ft of creative gardening space. #dassbyandrew #planters #homegarden More to come soon.


Check! Check what? Check yo'self! Pretty sure that check light has been on for the last 5 years..... #notdassbyandrew #stillrunning #neednewseatbelts


Old photo. Pretty sure I just wanted to eat the cake. Happy #nationalsiblingsday @vimsagar. But seriously.... What happened to that shirt I was wearing?!?!?


The Avengers came through..... A movie ticket box. There's an opening on the top for you to drop your old movie tickets into. Finally cleaning up my work bench. #dassbyandrew #movieticketcase


Love it when the cedar is on point. These planters turned out pretty great. #dassbyandrew #cedar #cedarplanters #planters


When the avengers come through when you need them... Just another rainy Saturday project..... #dassbyandrew


But you gotta pay...... at Alameda Theatre


No repost app but a snapshot of the latest projects I rolled out. Glad @tarenmuir @ash_elizabethann you liked them. Amazing what you can do with a CNC machine...... #dassbyandrew

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